Review of Sip and Learn - Become a Wine Expert

It has to be said I'd never heard of Sip and Learn until just recently when they kindly sent me a box to try.  Every month they send customers 2 bottles of wine around a specific theme. Sip and Learn source wine from small producers which means it's great value for money. 

We think it's a fantastic idea and of course it would be a great gift idea for wine lovers.
The wine arrived very well packaged as you can see, and comes with an educational booklet.

Sip and Learn say:
We have created a comprehensive 12-month wine-tasting program that covers the basics.
During the first 6 months you will discover the 3 main elements that make a wine:
The grape variety, the climate and the wine-making process.

For the following 6 months, we will take you on a journey to not only deepen your understanding of these 3 elements but also to discover specific regions or grape varieties, as well as the influence of the terroir on wines whilst continuing to develop your library of smell and educate your palate.

Of course, there is so much to learn about wine, the journey doesn't end after 12 months!  We are developing a program to go into more depth on the complexity of wine as well as a program for experts.

We say:
We were sent Box #1 which included a Sauvignon blanc and a Chardonnay. 

We've always wanted to learn more about wine but whenever we've picked up a book about it we've switched off after the first page as they tend to get too complicated too quickly for our liking.  But we found the Sip and Learn booklet is actually fun to read! 
First there's a quiz to see what you know about the wines in the box.  Then you learn about the basics and how to taste wine.  Look, smell and taste and where the wine comes from.  Also the ideal serving temperature.  You learn about grape variety and what foods is the particular wine best served with.
The booklet isn't boring in anyway, we both found it actually very interesting.

So for £30 a month you get two nice bottles of wine and you get to learn about wine.  Considering you can pay good money to attend an evening class to learn about wine, I think Sip and Learn isn't a bad price considering you get to learn in the comfort of your own home and at a time to suit you.

Having had a good look at the Sip and Learn website it seems you can just try it by ordering just one box without needing to feel you have to subscribe straight away.  Or you can order a box or a subscription as a gift which would be fantastic for any wine lovers to if anyone's stuck for something to buy me and all that - just saying!

Many thanks to Sylvain and Marie-Anne for sending us a box to try.  To find out more pop over to Sip and Learn.
Please drink responsibly.

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.


  1. Wine can be a bit intimidating, sounds like a good way to learn more.

  2. Interesting concept. Would you say it is designed for complete beginners or suitable for people with a bit of knowledge too?

  3. Hi Sally
    I'd say it's aimed at complete beginners like us!

  4. What a fabulous gift this would make for a foodie or someone becoming interested in wine. I did a wine course some years ago and now with 2 small children it's hard to keep up that knowledge, this would be a perfect learn from home answer!

  5. I've been sent one of these boxes too and thought it was a great concept for someone who loves wine but doesn't know much about it!

  6. Hello, to Sally's question the program is suitable for complete beginners - everything you need to know about wine and wine tasting will be explained from scratch and in particular months 1 and 2 are covering the basics.
    However we will also cover more advance topics as the program goes on (for example months 3 and 4 will explain the impact of climate).
    If you want more details about the educational content or any other question please feel free to reach out to us on


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