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Telford Southwater Pizza Express - Review

Pizza Express recently opened a branch in the fancy Southwater development by the Telford town center.  Yep this Pizza Express is a lovely place to eat with a very relaxed atmosphere.  Of course I wasn't sent there to review the actual restaurant nor the service - just the menu.  But while I'm about it I think the excellent service, friendly and very informative staff need a mention!  This place is GOOD.

Spotlessly clean, tidy too.  Pizza express have an open style kitchen so you can see the food being prepared which I think can only be a good thing.

This was our second visit to Pizza Express Telford, the first being when they'd only been open a couple of weeks. We were pleasantly surprised then at just how knowledgeable the staff were, explaining the different pizza bases and topping and for example, how you can choose to have none, more, or less of the different types of chillies to make your pizza to suit you.

On our first visit Paul had chosen a pizza that had Tabasco sauce on it and when I reminded him just how HOT Tabasco sauce is - he chickened out!  The waiter came up with an idea; he'd request that no Tabasco was actually added to Paul's pizza, but he would bring a couple of bottles to the table - original and mild Tabasco sauce so Paul could decide for himself how hot or not he wanted it.  Now that's what I call going the extra mile - brilliant service!
More than just Pizza:
Now it has to be said we do love a good pizza - who doesn't?  Especially when there are so many to choose from.  But Pizza Express isn't all about Pizzas - far from it.  The menu is quite something with so many delicious sounding scrummy things to choose from it is a hard job.  Pizzas, salads, pasta dishes, meat, chicken and fish are all on the menu.  Vegetarians are of course well catered for too along with a great range of gluten-free dishes.     

Please excuse my poor quality pictures as of course I couldn't exactly turn up with a proper big camera and the not surprisingly the lighting isn't set up for food photography - yes indeed I was the only person in the restaurant that was taking photos of the food!

To start I chose Leggera Gamberetti Piccante: Prawns in a passata sauce, with chilli flakes, garlic oil, spinach and santos tomatoes, finished with parsley.
At under 210 calories this would be a great choice for anyone who is counting the calories.  This was really tasty and had a good amount of prawns too.  I loved the slightly spicy sauce which was rich and tasty. 

Paul however decided he just had to have the Dough Balls Formaggi; Pizza Express's famous dough balls rolled and baked with Gran Moravia cheese, served with garlic butter.....Delicious!

Now time to decide on the main course - oh my this was a difficult one because once you read the description of the dishes on the menu they all sound good.  Anyway I had Sloppy Giuseppe on a classic pizza base: Hot spiced beef, red onions, green peppers.
I asked the waitress if the pizza could be pimped up a bit heat wise she said 'Of course it can and asked if  I wanted to add a few jalapeƱo peppers; my pimped up pizza was just perfect.  Oh and in case you are wondering, yes I did eat it the whole pizza!

Paul also found it hard to choose and after much studying of the menu he went for the Pollo Forza Pizza on the Romana base which is bigger, thinner and crispier:  A fiery pizza; chicken marinated in smoky chilli powder, garlic and dried chilli flakes with chargrilled red & yellow peppers, roquito peppers, mozzarella and tomato, finished with Gran Moravia cheese, parsley and chilli oil.

We did part with a slice of each others pizza so we could try both and I must say it was hard to choose as they were both seriously yummy.

Were we both full to the brim but of course it would be rude of us not the review the dessert menu too wouldn't it?  So it was a Toffee Fudge Glory for me and a Chocolate Glory for Paul.

To name just a couple of courses; there are more - Low Calorie Options at Pizza Express include:
Leggera Sloppy Giuseppe Pizza - The leggera is a classic sized ring of their thinner, crispier Romana dough. 
The hole in the middle is filled with a fresh salad finished with their light house dressing and comes in at under 500 calories.

For dessert the Leggera Sorbet - Two scoops of lemon curd or dairy-free raspberry sorbet served with a chocolate straw and fresh mint.  Leggera Sorbet is vegetarian and gluten-free and has just 172 calories.

A big thank you to Pizza Express for a great night out with fantastic service an top quality food. You can follow Pizza Express on Twitter @PizzaExpress

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Disclaimer;  We were guests at Pizza Express.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review. 


  1. Ooh I like the look of those prawns! It's never occurred to me to have anything but pizza at Pizza Express (and doughballs, of course LOL!)

  2. I love Pizza Express too Jan. There pizzas are great, but I love their salads too.

  3. Good, detailed review. I went the other day and ate from the leggera options - very filling and I didn't feel as guilty! ;)


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