Foodie News - Roundup

A roundup of nice food products I've been kindly sent over the past few weeks.  Some products I hadn't tried before and some I hadn't heard of until now so it's all very exciting.

Clearspring have some wonderful organic Japanese and fine food products all of which are 100% vegetarian/vegan.  We love the Tamari roasted cashew nuts - once opened you have to eat the lot!  The gluten free brown rice noodles are seriously good.  Clearspring also do a range of lovely looking quick cook grains and pulses too - I quite fancy their Rice and Quinoa (a mixture of brown rice and red quinoa).  You can find out more about their products over at

Mrs Crimble's Country Slices and Lemon Slices
Mrs Crimble's is a gluten free bakery brand and have recently launched two new teatime treats - Country Fruit Slice and a Lemon Slice.  The lemon slice is really lemony which was really nice and probably a good thing since it is quite sweet. The cakes were moist and fantastic for anyone that is looking for gluten free products the range is excellent.  Their range is huge, everything from cakes, biscuits, flapjacks and brownies to cheese bites, crackers and potato bites.  They even do a range of Home Bake Mixes which includes a mix for gluten free stuffing.
You can find out more about Mrs Crimble's gluten free products and where to buy them pop over to their website

Weight Watchers
I was sent some vouchers so I could try some of the new range of of iced desserts from Weight Watchers.  The range includes Mini Sticks, Cones and Sundaes all of which are low in fat and under 200 calories.  We loved these desserts and I especially liked the Toffee and Honeycomb Sundaes.  You can find out more about Weight Watchers frozen desserts and other products here.

Chancham Hot Pepper Sauce:
Chancham Pepper Sauce sauce was created by a small family company in Reading, Berkshire.
Sisters Chani and Chami used to run a café and would serve their own pepper sauce - a secret family recipe with the dishes in the café.  Demand for the sauce became so popular that they decided to go into business and produce it and a family business developed to meet demand.
Now I can see why this sauce is so popular, it's wonderfully hot and spicy and leaves your mouth tingling just as we like it - yep this is good stuff.  At the time of writing I haven't had a chance to try the marinades but when I do I will be sure to share with my readers.
Along with the pepper sauce they also produce a range of marinades. The pepper sauce however is their main product and although fiery also had a lovely fruity note.  The sauce is fantastically versatile and can be used as both an ingredient to everyday dishes and also a condiment much like Ketchup.
The sauces are available in selected Asda stores and online over at the Chancham website.


New Limited Edition Salsa and Mesquite KETTLE Chips:
It's back to 1988 with KETTLE Chips - celebrating the comeback of their Salsa and Mesquite crisps.  Flavours of tomatoes, chillies and peppers, slightly sweet, very nicely spiced but without being too hot - oh and very moorish!  No artificial flavours or colours.  Hand cooked chips cooked in sunflower oil.
These Limited Addition crisp are really nice and are available to buy in all good supermarkets.
Find out more about KETTLE Chips over at their website.

Disclaimer: Many thanks to all brands for the samples received.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and are not meant to influence readers buying choice.   


  1. We love Clearspring products in our house, and those tamari cashews are addictive!

  2. Lots of nice treats there. The one I'm really drawn to is Clearspring's Tamari roasted cashew nuts. Sound so good!

  3. I'm addicted to Kettle Chips, so I MUST try this flavour - they sound delicious!!


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