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Fro-Fru Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker - Review

Frozen Fruit (Fro-Fru) This refreshing pineapple sorbet was made in less than a minute (after freezing the fruit beforehand) thanks to this great little gadget 'Fro-Fru' from Judge Cookware.  
Of course you can use whatever fruit takes your fancy, bananas, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, raspberries - the list is endless.  Dairy products - milk, cream and yogurt can be used to conjure up a delicious dessert in no time at all.  Kids and adults alike will love this little machine! 

 Here's a few proper pictures of the Fro-Fru from Judge Cookware:

So how does is work?
The Fro-Fru is really easy to assemble and so very easy to clean.  All parts except the actual motor body can go in a dishwasher, but there really is no need as it's so easy to clean afterwards.  Seriously, it takes seconds to put together and about a minute to clean in hot soapy water.

There are just three removable parts that need to be put together (unless of course you have room in your kitchen to keep it assembled and ready to go) unfortunately my kitchen is really tiny so my Fro-Fru has to go in the cupboard after use.

Once assembled you're ready to make dessert.  You need to freeze whatever it is you want as I mentioned before.  Just freeze fruit in ice cube trays (I didn't have any but they're cheaper than chips to buy) mine were £1.00 for 3 trays from the supermarket.
I'm in experimental stage so will be posting other dessert recipe ideas using the Fro-Fru as I discover them.

Pineapple Sorbet:
First up was tinned 'crushed' Pineapple.  Just spoon from the tin into your ice cube trays and freeze over night. You need about 6 to 8 cubes to make 1 portion of pineapple sorbet.

Position your bowl underneath the Fro-Fru and feed your frozen fruit into the feed part switch the machine on and use the pusher to push the fruit through and directly into your bowl. 

Know exactly what you're eating:
Your dessert is dispensed directly into the serving bowl and since you put the ingredients in you know exactly what you or your kids are eating.  Fresh fruit is a great way to contribute to your Five-a-Day too!
All in all:
We say the Fro-Fru is a great gadget and love ours.  It is rather noisy when in use but since it's crushing up frozen fruit I expect it will be noisy.  That said, it's not on long so it really isn't too much of a bother.

I did try adding frozen double cream into the machine along with fruit but wasn't over keen on the result since it seemed to taste odd - a bit like ice cream but not as nice if I'm honest.  However if you add ice cream along with fruit it is really nice - you can turn vanilla ice cream into whatever flavour you fancy in seconds!
If you do want to try freezing cream it must be double cream not single as single wont freeze well.
 I will be experimenting and will to post my Fro-Fru ideas in future posts.
Available from good cook shops and Amazon.

Many thanks to Pam and Judge Cookware for sending me the Fro-Fru.
Disclaimer:  I was sent a Fro-Fru machine to review.  All thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.


  1. Interesting. I can make a similar sort of thing by putting frozen fruit in my blender - I wonder what difference the Fro-fru makes?

  2. Sally - Yes I'm sure you can although I've never tried.
    I'm thinking simply putting in a blender the sorbet wouldn't have the same consistency - the Fro-Fru compacts the fruit so it's like a true sorbet.


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