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Chicken with Chorizo and Chilli - Ragu Pour Over Sauce

As someone that really enjoys cooking I don't often use ready made sauces. That said, of course I do if I'm in a hurry or on a day when I simply can't be bothered. Ragu have recently launched a new range of pour over sauces and I was sent some to try. The sauces can be used with meat of your choice, chicken, fish or of course over pasta.

Chicken with Chorizo and Chilli

There are four sauces in the range (although only three are shown in the lovely hamper I was sent) because one pot had sadly met with a bit of an accident in the post!

Hamper of goodies

Each pot serves 2-3 and comes in a microwavable 370g pot and is ready to serve in just 2 minutes. With a RRP of £1.69 a pot I think that's excellent value - the range consists of:
Arrabbiata, Primavera, Sun-dried Tomato and Black Olive and Chorizo and Chilli.

Although the sauces are long life I think they honestly taste as if they've been freshly made and we really couldn't fault them at all.  Reading the list of ingredients there isn't anything that you don't know what it is if you know what I mean - it's all good.
Ragu Sauces

Since we especially love both Chorizo and Chilli , that one just had to used first. You can really taste the tomato and the smoky paprika and the sauce was a nice thick consistency too.
Chicken with Chorizo and Chilli

Dinner was ready in next to no time, I sliced a selection of peppers along with a couple of red onions, drizzled with a little olive oil and pan-fried till nicely cooked through. Meanwhile in a separate pan I pan-fried chicken fillets then heated the sauce as per the instructions - in the microwave for 2 minutes stirring halfway through. Poured the sauce over the cooked chicken and served with the peppers and onions and some nice rice.

We thought the sauces were really tasty and excellent for a quick meal that actually looks like you took a bit of time over! Our personal favorites were the Chorizo and Chilli and the Arrabbiata.

The only thing I will say is as with any pour over sauce the flavour doesn't get right into the chicken or meat as it would if it was a cook-in sauce - but then you're talking an hour and a half in the oven as opposed to the couple of minutes a pour over sauce takes to serve.

For more information please visit www.ragu.co.uk or www.facebook.com/raguuk / @RaguUK on Twitter 

Many thanks to Elle and Ragu for sending me the lovely hamper and sauces to try.

Disclaimer:  I was sent the hamper as shown above for the purpose of this post but all thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.  

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