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Stellar Portable Touch Control Induction Hob - Review

This is just the first of a few posts on this rather stylish Portable Touch Control Induction Hob from Stellar Cookware (model SEA22).

Portable Induction Hob
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In the coming weeks, I'll be doing a recipe or two and even a video (when I've had my hair cut)! to prove just how easy and efficient this hob is to both use and clean.

Fast, efficient heat up:

This 2000W portable induction hob is fast to heat up and reaches 240°C fast! You can start frying in a matter of seconds.

With 8 accurate temperature settings from 60°C to 240°C (60°C, 120°C, 140°C, 160°C, 180°C, 200°C, 220°C and 240°C)

Tried, Tested and a little bit about how induction hobs work:

This induction hob really does do everything it says it does. I'd never used an induction hob before and was concerned that I wouldn't have instant control over the cooking temperature as I'm used to with the gas hob my cooker has.

But, having used it quite a bit now I'm pleasantly surprised to find it is just as fast at getting colder as it is at getting hot if that makes sense, making me feel in control when cooking.

An induction hob itself doesn't actually get hot, only the pan does. A very strong magnetic field is created by electricity running through an electrical coil positioned under the ceramic plate.

The induction current created by the magnetic field generates heat in any cookware capable of being magnetised when standing on the ceramic plate.

Since only the pan is heated - the ceramic plate remains relatively cool. As a result, spilt food will not burn on the surface.

Suitable pots and pans for induction cooking:

Most recent Stellar, Judge and Horwood Cookware is induction-ready and is described as 'Suitable for All Hob Types'.

A simple way to check is to see if a fridge magnet will stick to the base of the pan and if it does your pan will work on an induction hob.

Timer and Child-lock:

It has 24-hour timer which can be set once the power or temperature has been set. Choose to set a cooking time, up to a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes, after which the hob will switch off.

It also has a child lock to prevent operations of the controls during cooking.


The great thing about induction hobs is the pan heats up and not the hob making it so very easy to clean. The sleek flat surface is touch control so there aren't any fiddly knobs to get messy and since it doesn't get hot any spillages don't bake on the hob.

Just a wipe with a warm soapy damp cloth is all that's needed to bring the hob looking shiny and new again. The occasional use of a proprietary hob cleaner can also be used.

Guarantee and Dimensions:

The hob comes with the Stellar 2-year domestic guarantee. Length 38cm, width 28cm, depth 7cm

Many thanks to Pam and Stellar Cookware for sending me this induction hob. All opinions and thoughts are my own. I was not required to write a positive review. I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.

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