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Save Money on Supermarket Shopping

Now, it has to be said since we all have to eat, it's fantastic to be able save money on food, but of course we also want it to be good food.  There aren't really any veg markets nearby that are convenient to go to as they would almost certainly be cheaper than in a supermarket.

ALDI have just opened a store near us so yesterday I popped in to see what it was all about.  I'm not going to talk about anything other than vegetables since that's all I bought, but I was amazed at how good the quality is, and just how cheap it is compared to other supermarkets.

Just as an example this is my shopping:

Fruit and Vegetables

Items listed below marked with a star had 30% off and that price is shown in the cost I've given.  Now they were in first class condition and didn't appear to be 'sell by that day'.  I say they didn't appear to be because there aren't any sell by or best before dates on any of the items; instead they use a code! Hey ho it's only veg so long as everything looks fine that's okay by me. 

*Stew pack containing a swede, parsnip, carrots and onions weight 1.5kg - cost 97p
*Net of 4 good sized onions - cost 89p
*Pack of 3 mixed bell peppers - cost 99p
*Celery - cost 48p
*Pack of 3 Leeks - cost 62p
*250g Chestnut mushrooms - cost 62p

Total Cost was just £4.57
The cost before the 30% reduction of some items would have been £5.11

Compare this with one of the top big supermarkets in the UK, I added the same items to my 'shopping basket' online......
However, there was 1 onion less (they sell them in packs of 3 not 4) and 0.5kg less veg in their stew pack.  As you can see the total cost came to £7.55

Please note although it says 'guide price' this was the actual price as all discounts had been taken off - it always says guide price as it's not sure if you want it delivered or are going to pick it up or if there are any other discounts to be applied - in this case there wasn't and the total saving on this small amount of shopping was £2.98 😊


So, it just goes to show with a little shopping around you can save money.  Do you have any Money Saving Tips for Supermarket shopping if so please leave a comment below.

Disclaimer:  All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not approached or paid by Aldi to write this post. I did so because I'm truly impressed with the quality and value of their fresh foods.

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  1. I don't have a convenient Aldi - my nearest one was the one that was set on fire during the riots. Now rebuilt apparently but traffic nightmare to visit. There's a Lidl in Walthamstow which I do like to visit occasionally but again traffic nightmare, I don't like crawling in 2nd gear to get there hence I generally nip to Tesco/Waitrose depending on mood.

    But if Aldi or Lidl were easier to reach from me I'd love to go more often.


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