LivLife - Bread with Half the Carbs

Great news for anyone either on a diet, or just wanting to eat more healthily.  You may or may not know that regular bread contains on average 42.7g carbohydrate per 100g, but imagine a bread that contains only 14.6g carbohydrate per 100g well here it is - LivLife Seriously Seeded Bread.  

LivLife bread
Okay so this bread has 50% less carbs per 100g compared to regular seeded, white and brown sliced loaves:
But how do they do it?
By replacing wheat flours with protein flours and including delicious seeds and grains, LivLife boasts 50% less carbs per slice compared to regular seeded, white and brown sliced loaves.
It's also high in protein content which assists in maintaining healthy muscles, skin, nails and hair.  It also helps to increase satiety, making people feel fuller for longer.

This new low carb loaf also has a low glycemic index (GI) of 16 (In the UK low GI is considered to be 55 or below) so you can see the introduction of LivLife is really good news!

That's all fantastic news but does it taste good?
It has to be said that at first with the mention of seeds and being good for you stuff, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't like it and so therefore since I only write reviews on food/kitchen products that I would buy myself I wouldn't be able to write a review on it. 

I can honestly say this bread tastes GOOD, I love the seeds (and no they're not hard so no need to worry about your teeth and nor are the seeds small enough to get stuck in your teeth either which of course is a good thing!  
Totally delicious, and I can't believe I actually like something that's good for me for a change!
Anyway, give it a go and you can make your own mind up - comments welcome.
LivLife is now available from Waitrose stores across the county. RRP £1.99
Pop over to the LivLife website for more info.

Many thanks to Kat for sending me a couple of loaves to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and I only ever post reviews on products I really like and therefore would buy myself.

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