Noodlemania - Easy and Fun Pasta Recipes for Kids

For any parent with kids that are fussy eaters, I imagine actually getting them to eat can be a nightmare. Since pasta seems to be loved by most kids and comes in a humongous range of shapes and sizes, with the help of 'Noodlemania' those nightmare feeding times could be over.

Noodlemania Book Cover

This book contains fifty fun looking recipes that kids will love to help make and more importantly, eat!
Hot and Cold Mains - Salads and Desserts too:
Flicking through the book, I actually want to eat the Mini Spaghetti Pizzas myself.

There's Pea-Nutty Noodles - a colourful dish of ramen noodles, pea pods bell pepper carrots dry-roasted peanuts topped with sesame oil and spring onions.....I know this book is meant to be for kids, but I want that for dinner!

How about 'Super Stuffed Monster Mouths' - Jumbo shells stuffed with ground beef, corn, tomatoes and cheese? Oh and the 'Totem Pole Tortellini' look really fun to make as do the Robot Bites. In the recipe for 'Under the Cheesy Sea Shells' there's an octopus made out of an hot-dog sausage!

Of course fish and salad recipes can be found too and there are even a few desserts, which amazingly also include noodles. Great imagination of the author to come up with 'Spider Cookies' as the legs of the spiders are made out of chow mein noodles.

Sample of the index - picture taken purely for review purposes:
 Recips index

All in all:
A lovely book and the recipes look really very easy to follow, as the recipes use the American style of measuring using cups it actually makes the recipes even easier, no weighing scales needed here!  That said, ounces are used when talking about the odd ingredient such as yoghurt for example but this isn't a problem to convert.
I will say cheese seems to be used in a lot of the recipes, but I'm thinking it could be left out in most of them if you prefer.

Noodlemania is written by Melissa Barlow with photography by Zac Williams and illustrations by Alison Oliver.
Published by Quirk books and retails at £10.99

 Many thanks to Mat at PGUK Publishers Group and Quirk Books for sending me a copy to review.
All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.

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