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Contigo Morgan Autoseal Drinks Mug - Review

I can't normally get too excited about a drinks mug.  But these fancily designed mugs by Contigo Morgan are very good-looking, colourful and stylish.
 The Contigo Morgan has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2013

Transportable tea and coffee is an essential part of modern life and the new Contigo Morgan series from Premier Housewares is convenient for doing just that.  They have a nifty auto-seal mechanism protects against spills, advanced thermal insulation ensures that beverages stay hot for longer. 
Tried and Tested:
After filling the mug with hot coffee, I screwed on the lid which has a coloured band around the middle so it seals tight.  I made sure the lock was in the locked position and turned the mug on it's side. Why?  Because I wanted to see if it would leak, even just a tiny bit!
So, having left the mug on it's side for 30 minutes I was pleased to see there wasn't any sign of leaking at all.

The coffee was still hot and perfectly drinkable.  This mug isn't designed to keep drinks hot for hours (like a thermos flask) so after around 30 minutes the drink does start to loose heat.  That said, it's great for making a quick coffee to take with you in the car, bus or train to work.

Okay, it doesn't leak and it keeps drinks hot.  Fantastic, but what about keeping drinks cold?  
Yes, these mugs keep drinks very cold for around 4 hours, especially if you pop an ice cube in.  I'd say it's better at keeping drinks cold than it is hot, but as I said before it isn't a thermos flask so wasn't designed to. 

Brilliant for taking a cold drink to the gym.....not that I go to the gym, I'm far too lazy - just saying these mugs would be good! 

What about cleaning?
All parts are dishwasher safe (top-rack) only, or of course you can just wash in hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry completely before storing.  

All in all:
I love that these mugs do not leak at all.  They have a thin lip, making them easy to drink from without tipping drink everywhere.  They're comfortable to hold due to the rubbery material that's around the middle.  Easy to clean and they look good.       

Available in Lilac, Ocean (Turquoise) and Citron (Green)
Contigo Morgan 355ml mugs retail at just £16.99
Which is your favourite colour?

Thank you to Pam and Premier Housewares for sending me one to review.

All opinions and thoughts are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of, and therefore would buy myself.

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  1. Looks cool and looks like it does the job..May have to invest.


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