Keeping Safe in and Around the Kitchen

Keeping safe at all times is of course important, but when cooking in the kitchen you need to take extra care. One silly mistake can so very easily turn into a disaster. A recent incident in my kitchen made me realise we should all have some sort of fire blanket and extinguisher to hand.

Afterwards, looking on the net I came across this really handy to know about site called Pure Safety.

Let me share with you my very near disaster that happened in my own kitchen:
Anyone that follows me on FaceBook will have heard my story on the day it happened. I know it was really very stupid of me but I needed to melt some butter. I was brushing sheets of filo pastry with the butter, and as you're probably aware, you have to be quick about it as filo pastry dries out so fast and is ruined.

I'd already melted my butter in the microwave (not recommended) but because it had started to cool, I popped it back in for just 10 seconds more. Suddenly, the butter exploded and completely covered the inside of the microwave. Seriously, every nook and cranny was totally covered in almost 100g of butter! So the cleaning up began and it took an age.

Desperate to know if my fancy all singing all dancing convection, grill microwave still worked. My husband Paul was with me and he said just put the grill on for a few seconds. Yes it will smoke, but its got to burn off any remaining butter that I couldn’t get to. So on went the grill, and yes it smoked. We left the door open and then put it on for another few seconds. After repeating this we decided that a minute might sort it out.

This turned out to be a HUGE mistake as it actually caught fire 😱

You will not know how frightening it was. I moved quicker than I ever have in my life and unplugged it from the power. I threw a damp tea towel over the top to cover the air vents and with the oven door shut, the fire went out. I shook with fright:

Suddenly you realise just how the fire might not have gone out so quickly. It was actually just the butter that had caught fire and not the actual grill or workings of the oven. However, it could have been really serious as even Paul wouldn’t have been able to pick the microwave up and get it outside quick enough if it had still been on fire.

Please take time to stay safe in the kitchen and do NOT melt butter in the microwave. Oh, and after all that my filo pastry was well and truly fit for the bin!

Do you have any safety products near to hand in your kitchen?

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