Aromo - Coffee Delivered to your Door

Aromo is a UK based coffee site that can deliver ESE pods, Ground Coffee and Coffee Beans to the doors of UK customers.  It's easy to order too, which is great news for coffee lovers.
 Since we don't have a machine that takes ESE pods we were sent the ground coffee to try.  The ground coffee only comes in Espresso, which I think you either love or hate - it was strong!  Of course if you like Espresso, as many people do, then this is the one for you.

Aromo Coffee

That said, Bounce Ground Coffee makes the perfect Espresso and is perfect for Americano, Cappuccinos & Lattes.  It can be used in most espresso coffee machines. 100% Arabica comes in 250g bags and is priced at £4.00 - which I think is actually very good.
Coffee Pods for ESE Coffee Machines: 
If you do have a coffee machine that takes ESE pods, Aromo sell ESE pods for  espresso coffee machines.  Easy Serving Espresso coffee pods are individually wrapped in an outer foil for freshness and aroma.  The Coffee Pod fits espresso coffee machines that carry the ESE coffee pods trademark. 

Aromo specialise in artisan roasted coffee in ESE pods for convenience, freshness and value for money.  Available in four great coffee blends - these are no mess, no fuss coffee making for serious coffee lovers. 

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