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There's nothing quite like nice Sunday Dinner of Roast Beef all the trimmings and of course, Horseradish Sauce.

Le Range Mesurier
So first up for the taste test was Hot Horseradish Sauce:
To be honest up till now I've never bothered to try any other brand as I quite like 'Tesco Finest' Horseradish Sauce. Now I thought that was hot, which it is, but Le Range Mesurier Hot Horseradish Sauce is seriously hot and has a thicker consistency - just perfect.

'Le Range Mesurier' have an extensive range of condiments all created by Chef Patrick Le Mesurier. Having recently been sent a few to try it has to be said I am really impressed with their appearance, taste and consistency - no watery wishy-washy sauces here.

What did we think about the other Condiments sent to us?:

Chilli Jam Relish:
Good in colour, sweet and jammy with a nice heat from the chilli. Fantastic with cheese and biscuits or with baked goats cheese......okay I must make that now I've thought of it!

BBQ Mustard Sauce:
Again, a nice colour, sweet yet tangy at first and then comes the heat; perfect with anything grilled.  We dolloped it on a burger and it was just the very thing.

Tartare Sauce:
Oooh now this is good stuff!  I usually make my own tartare sauce, but it has to be said this really is the best ready made I've ever tried.  Just the right size pieces of gherkin and capers.  Fish and chips just aren't the same without tartare sauce!

Only Free Range Eggs are Good Enough:
Le Mesurier always use free range eggs in their products. 
To find out more and to see the rest of the range pop over to 
Thank you to Tracy from Local Food Surrey and Le Range Mesurier for sending me these to try.

All opinions and thoughts are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.  I only ever post reviews on products I like the look of and would buy myself. 

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