Choccywoccydoodah - New Series

Choccywoccydoodah - yes you read right!  
For anyone that hasn't seen it before there's a new series about to start:

World-class chocolatiers at Choccywoccydoodah are back exclusively on the Good Food channel, weeknights at 9pm from Monday 2nd July for a new series of chocolate mischief and mayhem with even more glitz, glamour, celebrities and of course spectacular cake designs.

To coincide with the new series the Choccywoccydoodah team has recorded a single called ‘Say it with Cake’  


Find Me A Gift - Joseph Joseph Kitchen Essentials Review

 I do love anything Joseph Joseph - bright, colourful, trendy, practical, must have bits and bobs for the kitchen.  

Find Me a Gift have loads kitchen gifts to choose from and I'm loving this handy multicoloured Joseph Joseph Nest of 5 Measuring Cups. 

Each cup snaps together and fits inside the other so they take up hardly any room in the drawer.  Since my kitchen is so, so small this is a good thing.

How many times have you come across a recipe that uses 'cups' as a measurement?  Well these are ideal for such times, no more hunting about on the net to find out what a cup is (like I do as I can never remember such stuff).

Kefta Mkaouara - Spicy Egg, Meatball and Tomato Tagine

Rick Stein's 'Mediterranean Escapes' cookbook has been out a good while now but in my opinion it's one of the best books I own. 

Even though I've made this time and time again, we still love it.  Of course you don't have to have a Tagine to make this, I didn't use mine as it's a bit on the big side, so I just used a shallow oven proof baking dish.

Rosemary and Sea Salt Focaccia - Easy to Make

I came across this fantastic recipe by Lorraine Pascale in her book Baking Made Easy and it has to be said - this was easy!  Foccacia is an Italian flat bread and you can vary the topping to suit your taste - for example  Caramelised Red Onion or Cheese would be good!

As you're probably already aware, I don't do baking!  But this certainly turned out rather nice indeed.  Of course a good baking tray is vital and the Eazistore I reviewed a while back is still looking like new.

Spaghetti with Chicken Chorizo and Sun-dried Tomatoes

Along the lines of my Linguini with Prawns and Chorizo and just as yummy!  Not only is this pasta recipe easy to make, it looks good too.


It's a fact of life that chicken and chorizo are a great combo anyway.  Add sun-dried tomatoes along with a bit of chilli for heat, throw in a few peas for colour and you have one delicious meal in no time at all.

EcoCook Energy Efficient Cookware - Review

It has to be said A Glug of Oil does get sent lots of nice products to try but I must say I'm quite taken by Premier Housewares EcoCook.

With the price of fuel getting higher every year and with more people keen to do their bit for the environment, EcoCook is the way to go!

More about EcoCook:
Made from aluminium using EcoCook means energy efficient cooking. 
Aluminium has superior thermal properties and of course it's very lightweight too.
Baking trays, pots, pans and saucepans are all available in the EcoCook range. The interior is coated with a ceramic-based white non-stick coating made from minerals.  Ceramic has high heat resistance and will not scratch or break down over time and makes the pans a doddle to wash up.  Of course they can go in a dishwasher but you really don't need one to wash these lovelies!


Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Drinks Cooler - Review

This is a great invention and it really does work!

Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Cooler is a jacket filled with special substance that freezes, and then stays cold for ages.  


The Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Cooler chills Champagne, wine or cans of beer in just 5 minutes.  Just keep it in the freezer until you need a bottle or can of beer or pop ice cold.  Unbreakable and reusable time after time.

First Flush Darjeeling Teas from Twinings

Have you ever heard about First Flush teas?
I recently heard about First Flush Darjeeling loose teas and thought I’d try and find out a bit more.

First Flush Darjeeling Teas from Twinings

I’m a bit of a tea lover, but I hadn’t really heard of first flush before so I did a bit of reading and found out that first flush is supposedly one of the most sought after teas.
As the term would suggest these are the very first buds to be plucked from the tea plant, they are sold at a higher price and are prized with in the tea community for their exceptional quality, the tastes and aromas they produce.

Purchasing what is known as the very first invoice of this first flush tea is what is contended by businesses and individuals worldwide.  Aside from the unique and once a year flavour of these teas, holding the certificate of the first invoice of this tea is what these tea lovers are after and are willing to pay huge amounts of money for. 

First Flush Darjeeling teas from Twinings are the first picked teas of the season and are supposedly one of the best teas on the market today. I’m looking forward to trying them. 

This is a sponsored post.

Vanish Oxi Action Stain Removal Products

As I regularly use Vanish products I don't need convincing that they are great for making your washing nice and white.  The Oxi Action Powder is especially good at removing Coffee Stains from fabric.

Oxi Action Gel is great at getting your whites white!
In their product range Vanish also has Carpet Cleaning Shampoo which although I haven't used myself, my friend Jean says it does an excellent job!

The Vanish website has a nifty 'Stain Solver' - just answer a few questions on the type of stain you have and it will recommend the best Vanish product for the stain.
This is a sponsored post. 

Pan-fried Pork with Apple Cider Cream Sauce

Inspired by the Masterclass by Marco Pierre White I recently went to, where Marco showed us that the Knorr stock pot doesn't have to be diluted with water.  Apple, carrot, prune juice make for a much more tastier dish adding another depth of flavour.

With that in mind and armed with a chicken stock pot, a bottle of apple juice and a bottle of cider.  Apple cider cream sauce was in the making!  I served it with buttered spinach rice it went down very well indeed. 

One Pot Cooking with Marco Pierre White and Knorr

Last week I was very kindly invited along with around 15 other people including food bloggers and food journalists and Knorr representatives to a 'One Pot Cooking' Masterclass by Marco Pierre White.
Marco showed us how a Knorr stock pot doesn't have to be diluted with water, just use your imagination.....

Depending of course on what you're cooking, you can use fresh carrot, apple, or prune juice either on their own or in a combination with wine or cider.

Knorr stock pots are quite marvelous things!  If you've never tried them before you really should give them a go.  There's no need to faff about making your own stock ever again as they really do taste like 'proper' stock.

The Cookie Dough Lover's CookBook - Review

It has to be said I never knew there were so many things you could make with cookie dough!  I assumed cookies were made and that was that.

This is a hard-backed book in note pad style.  Published by Quirk Books and written by Lindsay Landis.

There are quick tips and suggestions on most pages which are really useful.  I love the Measurement, Equivalences and Temperature chart at the front.  

Although the equivalent 'cup' measurement is shown as being 16 tablespoons (bit of a faff all that measuring) so my top tip would be to put 16 tablespoons of flour or sugar into two different cups and remember where it comes to - then you'll be sorted and ready to cook!

Farmison Gourmet British Food - Review

Anyone that likes good food will love Farmison!  A new gourmet online food store which delivers Michelin star quality food straight to your kitchen.  Just recently I was kindly sent their Everyday Vegetable box to try.  

Vegetable box

As the name suggests the Everyday Vegetable Box was full of veg you'd use everyday:
Cabbage, Carrots, Runner Beans, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Potatoes, Courgettes, Garlic, Broccoli, Peas in their pod and Mushrooms.


About Farmison:
Farmison source the finest of British produce including bespoke cuts of meat, award-winning artisan cheeses and fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable boxes, using the same farmers and producers which supply the kitchens of world renowned restaurants, such as Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck, Yorke Arms, Northcote Manor and Raymond Blanc's Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons.

The Everyday Vegetable Box:
The box arrived and everything was very well packed.  As you can see from my pictures the quality of the veg was seriously good.  Everything looked like it had literally just been picked it was so fresh.  

At the time of writing this actual box sells at just £15.95 and is suitable for a family of 3-4 but there are many more to choose from to suit your needs.  Delivery is free on orders over £50 so it makes it worth while ordering your meat including steaks, burgers and sausages and BBQ packs.  Poultry, cheese and hampers for every occasion can all be delivered to your door.

Would I recommended ordering from Farmsion?
Oh yes indeed, as I said, great products at a reasonable price with an excellent delivery service. 

Disclosure:  I was sent a vegetable box to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own  I was not required to write anything positive.
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