Make your Table Sparkle this Christmas with a Chocolate Wreath

At Christmas, the way the dining table looks is almost as important as the festive feast spread out upon it.  Whether you show it with a snowy white tablecloth and the best silver, with scattered pine cones, gold and silver glitter, candles, crackers or all of the above, Christmas dinner is a once a year occasion and deserves to look really special.  Little dishes of treats like sugared almonds, mixed nuts or chocolate ginger add to the effect.

For a combination of the traditional and the original, and for an addition to the table that everyone will welcome, it would be hard to beat a Hotel Chocolat wreath.  Made from solid milk or dark chocolate and studded with goodies, they are both decorative and delicious.

The classic Festive Wreath is made from Hotel Chocolat's 50% milk chocolate, with swirls of sweet caramel.  Its more sophisticated cousin, the Purist Festive Wreath, appeals to the refined palate with its indulgent 70% dark chocolate, made from pure Ecuadorian cocoa grown by a farmers’ cooperative in the unspoiled province of Napo.
Fruit, nuts and chocolate are all favourite nibbles at this time of year. Hotel Chocolat's Festive Wreaths presents all of the above in a combination as handy as it is tasty.  The milk chocolate Festive Wreath is a veritable biscuit barrel, covered with chunks of cookie and pieces of florentine, that festive confection of caramel, nuts and candied fruit.  The Purist Wreath's dark chocolate with its vanilla undertones is complimented by tender, golden raisins and two kinds of nut.  There are hazelnuts from Italy's Piedmont region, famed for their cultivation, and Marcona almonds, a small, sweet variety prized for their delicate flavour.

The wreaths are moulded to evoke the elements of a Christmas wreath in the traditional style. Under the delicious topping, the chocolate ring is shaped into holly leaves, bows, baubles and pine cones. 

The Festive Wreath is suitable for vegetarians.  The Purist Festive Wreath is made without dairy products, making it vegan friendly too. Both wreaths come in a clear plastic box, adorned with a white ribbon for the Festive Wreath and a snazzy black ribbon befitting the dark Purist version, but we think you will prefer to display them on a suitably festive plate, to allow easier access. Nutcrackers not required!

The Festive Wreaths are available in two sizes.  The smaller 100g wreath is perfect for an after dinner nibble, while the large version, at 450g, serves eight and should last you well into an evening of party games or seasonal television watching.  The milk chocolate Festive Wreath costs £7 for the smaller edition or £20 for the large size, while the dark chocolate Purist wreath retails at £9 for the 100g version and £25 for the 450g model.

Whichever you choose, a Hotel Chocolat wreath is sure to make a centrepiece which will be remembered long after the chocolate itself has been consumed. You could even buy both and give your guests a choice. What could be more festive than that?

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  1. It looks so good. We do have some excellent chocolatiers here but Hotel Chocolat always seems to have such exciting things on offer.


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