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Stowells Light Wine - Low Calories and Low Alcohol

Stowells Light Wine Bottle

I was very kindly sent a bottle to try and the only problem I have is it's perhaps a little bit too nice! Lovely crisp flavour and it is what is says on the label - refreshing and fruity. Made from Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes it's also perfect to enjoy on it’s own.  Stowells Light is also available in a Shiraz Rose too. 

Stowells Light Wine Logo

There's also an added benefit:
A glass contains less calories and alcohol than your usual glass of wine! At 60 calories per glass, that’s 30 per cent less than a standard glass of wine.  

As it's also low in alcohol, a 125ml serving is less than one unit of alcohol too.

To find out more pop over to the Stowells website.  
Thank you to Inderdeep for sending me a bottle to try.

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  1. Cheers Jan! I sure would love a tasting, lol...

    Thanks for sharing...


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