Carte Noire Coffee Tasting Experience

Enjoy the best Coffee Tasting Experience within the comfort of your own living room!
New research released today from Carte Noire Instinct shows Brits just how to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.  And it's not in a trendy coffee shop as you might expect, but at home!

The research, commissioned to mark the launch of Carte Noire’s new Wholebean Instant coffee, Carte Noire Instinct, and conducted by
MMR Research Worldwide.  They found that a relaxing break is the key to the perfect cup of coffee and the best place to enjoy it is at home.
Also forget the fancy croissants, flapjacks and finger cakes of today’s coffee shops, a good old fashioned Victoria Sponge is what really sets off a cup of coffee!

The research was carried out by sensory experts MMR and researcher James Gater says, “Because coffee has such a full flavour, the best accompaniment is something simple and light like a Victoria sponge, rather than cakes with a very rich taste or heavy texture.  The smooth mouth-feel of coffee, is best complemented by furnishings made of quality leather that have a silky feeling against the body, as opposed to something that is rough like wooden chairs or cold like marble tables.

In terms of sound, the seductive sound of saxophone jazz best enhances the intense aromas of coffee. Ultimately the research found that people consider the coffee moment as a relaxing daily ritual, so an uncomplicated but sophisticated porcelain mug is the perfect way to serve coffee, as opposed to the traditional cup and saucer.”

Taste expert Tristan Stephenson says, “The way the brain untangles and identifies flavour is a complicated thing and many more factors come into play than just our taste buds. Different environments, with different sounds, smells and temperatures all affect the way we perceive the flavour of the liquids we drink and the foods we eat.  Coffee has a bold taste and a strong smell, so the multi-sensory elements of flavour - such as colour, sound, smell and texture - are all vital to our enjoyment and appreciation of the product.”

Carte Noire Instinct will bring to life the research findings in an exclusive London event.  The Silk Rooms will be the world’s first optimised Wholebean Instant coffee tasting experience and will take guests on a multi-sensory journey, which will culminate in the ultimate coffee moment.

To find out more about the event, the research, or new Carte Noire Instinct, please visit CarteNoireUK on FaceBook

About Carte Noire:
Carte Noire is a premium French coffee made from 100% Arabica beans.
Carte Noire Instinct is available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Morrison’s, as a 100g tin (RRP £4.99) and an 80g refill pack (RRP £3.49).
You can see my review on Carte Noire Instinct here.
Thank you to Alex for sending us some to try.

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