Re-homing ex Battery Hens and a Lot of Eggs!

I have always wanted chickens! We only have a small garden but one thing you can be sure of these hens will be looked after and let out every day without fail. Just look at the colour of a Free Range egg and they taste really good too!

Free range egg on toast

I only ever buy free range eggs and can't get my head around why lots of people still choose to buy the ones from battery hens. I think if people took a little time to read about the terrible conditions in which these poor hens are kept they would buy free range, or not buy eggs at all if they find them too expensive.

Don't get me wrong we certainly aren't made of money but when you consider the small price free range eggs are (at the time of writing) a typical box of six medium free range eggs is around £1.60 in the UK which is twice the price of the battery eggs.

As this is a food blog I will not go too much into how these poor hens are kept - but you only have to Google 'battery hens' to see what I'm talking about. They're kept in a space no bigger than a piece of A4 paper. Some of the images of ex battery hens would make you cry.

Anyway, that said we decided to re-home two ex battery hens along with a Black Rock hen from an amazing woman called Sarah over at Happy Chicks. Sarah and her husband buy as many ex battery hens as they can re-home so you can always buy them from her straight away without going on a waiting list as is usual.

We had 15 eggs in the past week so I'm now into cooking up all things egg! By the way the egg in the picture above is Roxy's egg.

Here are the hens (Mrs Tweedy, Mrs Hen and Roxy) with Yaz the cat watching. You can just see Brian the bunny at the back having a nose too. Yes we have a right little farm going on here!

Omlet Chicken House

Just a few of the many ex battery hens at Happy Chicks waiting for a new home. Some are in a rather poor state with feathers missing and bare bottoms! But they will soon recover with a lots of love and some good food.

Ex Battery Hens


  1. Well done you, on rescuing these poor little things. I wish I was able to keep some myself....maybe one day.

  2. Aww they look so content big well done for rescuing them. How big is your garden, mine is tiny. Still I imagine a lot better than battery farming?

  3. Sandie - get some! Even just two would be good.
    Jo - Our garden is quite small but you are quite right (in battery farms they only have the size of an A4 piece of paper each).....Even if you can't let them out of the run every day they are still much better off.


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