Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Chocolate Egg - Review

Hotel Chocolat very kindly delivered us one of their Extra Thick Easter Eggs to try.  Named 'Serious Dark Fix,' it certainly lives up to its name!

 Hotel Chocolat Extra Thick Chocolate Egg

The egg arrived well packaged and in perfect condition.  The actual egg packaging looks expensive too with a lovely black bow finishing it off.  Priced at £26 - I'd say it is certainly worth the money.

 The 'Serious Dark Fix' egg is made of 70% dark chocolate which really is very nice and thick.  As the name suggests it's a real chocolate fix for any chocolate lover!  
Two egg halves - one studded with crunchy cocoa nibs.  Inside the shells there are 14 chocolates with the most amazing fillings from rum, chilli praline, raspberry liqueur and salted caramel and more.

Of course there are more Extra Thick Chocolate Eggs in the Easter egg collection including milk chocolate too if dark chocolate isn't your thing. 

Thank you to Beth and Hotel Chocolat for sending us one to try. 


  1. ooh I had this one too, it is gorgeous!

  2. What an amazing looking egg!

  3. It looks wonderful. I love to visit here.I never leave empty handed and always have a recipe or tip to keep me on my toes. The egg would make a wonderful Easter gift. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary


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