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Food and Wine Pairing - The Chablis Wine Challenge

I was recently sent two different bottles of Chablis wine to taste and to take part in a food and wine pairing challenge.  Now, there are plenty of wine experts out there but I'm certainly not one of them.

The idea behind the challenge is to ask food bloggers that have no experience in wine, or food and wine pairing, to see what ideas they come up with that could work.  Hopefully showing that you genuinely don’t need to be a wine expert to be able to enjoy wine, and food pairing and it’s something that everyone can do.

 Now as I said I'm certainly no expert.  Both bottles of wine had a clear clarity to them.  One bottle was gold in colour with the second bottle being a lot paler and more of a lemon colour.  I've no real idea why but we both said the gold coloured wine tasted far better than the other bottle - and interestingly it was the more expensive of the two.  Trust me to like that one more!

There was a lovely fruit aroma with a citrus lemony taste with a hint of vanilla and oak (you can tell I'm really getting into this wine tasting now)!  
Oh and before anyone asks - I didn't read the label as it was all in French! Probably though, if an expert were to taste the same two bottles of wine they'd be sure to say something completely different.

Chablis is a dry wine and although I usually drink red wine these were both very nice to drink.

Now for My Chablis Wine and Food Pairing Verdict:  
I picked three different foods that I thought the wine would go well with; in no particular order, Pan-fried Chicken with Lemon and Thyme would be great. The lemon in the chicken, I thought would bring out the lemony flavors already found in the wine.

Another dish that would go well would be my Prawn Linguini with Chorizo and Sun-dried Tomatoes.  This dish has a slight heat from the chilli which I think goes so well with Chablis wine.  The lovely smokiness from the Chorizo somehow brings out the oak aroma too.

And finally it had to be Baked Camembert with Crispy Crunchy Bruschetta.
Oh yes - a sip of wine and a dip of bruschetta in the lovely melty, gooey cheese.....and another sip of wine.....and another dip in the cheese!  Chablis and Baked Camembert totally go together.

Thank you to St├ęphanie for inviting me to take up this fun challenge.

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