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Carte Noire Instinct Wholebean Instant Coffee - Review

Carte Noire have just added Instinct - a Wholebean Instant coffee to their range.  Recently I was sent some to try but as I'm more of a tea drinker the official tasting was handed over to Paul the husband..... 

Here's what he said:
I can really taste the difference to the instant coffee I usually drink - this has a lovely smooth taste.  

It isn't bitter at all like some coffee I've had in the past.....(is he suggesting my choice of shopping is sometimes quite poor)?!  

The instructions suggest you add one to two spoonfuls to your cup and mix with hot water that's just off the boil.  Paul thought one spoonful was enough and he's not a one for weak coffee.

 And now for my two penneth:
The packaging is fancy looking and I am a one for nice packaging!
The tub has a plastic clip on lid with a foil and a ring pull underneath that you pull off at first use, and then use the plastic lid to keep your coffee fresh and dry.

Carte Noire is a premium coffee a blend of 100% Arabica beans and is available in all major supermarkets in a 100g tin RRP of £4.99 and an 80g refill pack RRP £3.49
You can find out more and request a sample over at the Carte Noire FaceBook Page.
Thank you to Alex for sending us some to try.

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  1. I do like Starbucks whole bean instant coffee, but it is pricey. Will have to track this down, wouldn't mind reviewing it at Foodstuff Finds.


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