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Philadelphia with Cadbury Chocolate - Review

Philadelphia with Cadbury or ‘Choccy Philly’ is now available in the UK.
I must admit the idea of Philadelphia and Cadbury chocolate blended together sounded strange.  
However, having now tried it I thought it tasted just like Cadbury Dairy Milk but in a spread which is actually rather nice indeed.  Paul (the husband and official taster of all things chocolate) loves it!  

It has a light and creamy texture and spreads easily.  As you spread it on hot toast the smell of chocolate wafts up at you!

It's also ideal for bread, bagels, biscuits, and even as a dip for fruit and a 30g serving contains 86 calories and contains half the fat and less sugar than many other chocolate spreads on a like for like basis.

You can find lots of recipe ideas over at the Philadelphia website.


  1. Hnnn . . . not too sure I could get into that. Although, I like chocolate cheese cake, so it could be quite scrummy on second thought! xxoo

  2. I wish it will be also available in Indonesia.

  3. Sounds weird but delicious, will look out for it!


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