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Cauliflower and Tomato Cheese with Crispy Crumb Topping

The other day I happened to have half a tin of tinned tomatoes (left over from something or other) and when I popped into Asda I saw cauliflowers were a major bargain at 50 pence!

Cauliflower and Tomato Cheese with Crispy Crumb Topping

So, cauliflower and tomato cheese came to mind as I got to use up the tinned tomatoes too - yes I'm trying to save money!  Another thing, I had a few slices of bread left, fit only for breadcrumbs or the bin........Cayenne pepper toasted crumb topping just had to happen.

Result? Scrummy yummy cheesy goodness - well there is veg in there somewhere amongst all that cheese. Of course you can leave the crumb topping off if you don't fancy it.

Yield: 2-4

Cauliflower and Tomato Cheese with Crispy Crumb Topping

Easy to make, cheap and proper comfort food; perfect for a cold day.


For the Crumb Topping:
1 of two slices of getting on for stale bread including the crust - torn into smallish pieces
a small glug of olive oil
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

For the Cauliflower Cheese:
1 good sized cauliflower - cut into florets, rinsed
65 g butter
65 g of plain flour
450 ml whole fat milk
2 teaspoons of Dijon mustard
150 g strong mature cheddar - grated
a pinch of salt


Start by heating up a frying pan with a small glug of oil and throw in the cayenne pepper and the torn up breadcrumbs.  

Move about continuously until they are browned all over.  Remove from the pan and put to one side.

Now, get your cauliflower cooking in plenty of boiling, salted water and partly cover with the saucepan lid.  It will take about 12 -15 minutes.
Cook until you can easily insert a knife into it so you know it’s cooked - take car not to over cook as you will end up with mush.

Drain the cauliflower well and put it into a lightly buttered oven-proof dish - use kitchen towel to run a knob of butter over the inside of the dish.

Now get the cheese sauce on the go:
Melt the butter and add the flour and cook, stirring all the while for a couple of minutes over a low heat.  Why? Because if you don't cook the flour your sauce will taste floury and will also be lumpy.

Over a low heat, whisk in the milk into the flour and butter in about 3 goes and bring to the boil - stirring all the while.

Remove from the heat and stir in the mustard and most of the cheese into the sauce and season with salt to your taste.  Keep back a small amount of cheese for sprinkling over the top in a bit.
Stir well making sure the sauce is free from lumps and bumps.

Pour the cheese sauce on top of the cauliflower, then sprinkle the remaining cheese on top.  
Cook in your pre-heated oven for about 30 minutes and then sprinkle over the toasted cayenne crumbs and cook for another 5 or 10 minutes until piping hot, golden brown and bubbling. 
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  1. Don't you just love it when you come up with something so scrumptious by using what you have on hand! I do. Your dish looks deliciously tempting indeed! A combination I would never have thought of but am glad YOU did! xxoo


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