Find Your Nearest Pizza Restaurant - Fast!

Nearest Pizza is a new website and is a really easy way to find pizza restaurants like Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Strada and Zizzi in your local area. 
I found this site very easy to use.  You simply go to Nearest Pizza website.

Find Your Nearest Pizza Restaurant

Type in your post code or town and press the ‘Search’ button.  I used Wolverhampton for this example.

A second later a map shows the pizza places dotted around on the map along with the name of the Pizza places found including their address and telephone numbers at the side.

As you can see on the right hand side there’s also an approximate distance to each pizza place from the actual place you searched for. 

You can browse a list of Popular UK Locations for example, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool and Leeds etc.

There’s another search box that would be useful if you live or work in the capital, you can view London.  On that page you'll find London broken down into areas for example: City of London, Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea etc.

So next time you want to know where your nearest pizza place is, remember Nearest

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