Christmas Gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Christmas is just around the corner and Hotel Chocolat have a great range of Christmas Gifts.  They also have a Stocking Fillers starting at just £5 
I was recently sent the Sleekster Classic Christmas Selection, what an amazing box of chocolates!   

The Sleekster Christmas Selection sells for £22 which is excellent considering the quality.  These chocolates really are different and a cut above any other brand out there.

With a range of fillings from Simple Milk Truffle and Rum Truffle to Champagne Truffle.  There's also Mulled Wine, Christmas Mess, Cinnamon Praline, and Gingerbread Truffle too!
The Zesty Marzipan Star is even dabbed with edible gold!
Other interesting fillings include Star Anise and Salted Caramel, Chilli Truffle and Ginger Cheesecake and more.  In case you are wondering, it is suitable for vegetarians.
Another thing I personally like about the 'Sleekster' range of boxes, is that the box is just the right shape to fit through most standard sized letterboxes.  So, you can surprise someone with your gift without the worry of them being out when it arrives.   After all, if you have to ask them if they'll be in, it kinda gives the game away.

 Pop over to Hotel Chocolat and have a look for yourself.
 Thank you to Beth and Hotel Chocolat.

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