Domino's Reggae Reggae Pizza - A Review

Last night we ordered the new Reggae Reggae Pizza from Domino's the pizza delivery expert

Their new pizza made with Levi Roots Reggae Reggae sauce will be on general sale in all stores from Monday 11th April but you can try it now! Just order it from Domino's Pizza UK FaceBook fan page where until Sunday, it's only £9.99 for a large one. Just click on the Reggae Reggae link on the left side bar of their Facebook page and it will be added to your basket.

Domino's Reggae Reggae Pizza

We loved the Reggae Reggae pizza and could find no faults at all in the ordering and delivery service. The pizza itself was delish! There was a generous amount of topping, chicken, tomatoes, green peppers and pineapple and mozzarella.

The only really tiny fault we could find is we thought it was going to be spicier than it was - more heat please for us! Of course, lots of people don't like as much spice as we do so with that said it's probably just us. Whatever, we'd have no problem ordering this pizza again.
Levi Roots

Ten big slices of yumminess delivered to your door at the time you choose. I took a few screenshots to show just how easy ordering is:

Domino's Pizza Website Order

Once you've placed your order you'll receive an email with a link that lets you able to see the progress of your order!
 Domino's Pizza Order Update

You can see when you're order is being prepared, being baked, going through quality control and finally being delivered - Marvelous!

Domino's Reggae Reggae Pizza Order

We ordered our pizza to be delivered at 6pm and it arrived at 6.02pm (precisely)!

Domino's Reggae Reggae Pizza

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