BBQ idea - Tray Baked Peppers Onion and Tomatoes with Feta

Last weekend saw the UK with some rather nice weather indeed.  So in true Brit style out came the BBQ.  Oooh but what to cook, what to cook - nothing so common as a sausage on our BBQ!! 

So so easy to do.  Get yourself one of those nice big foil trays they sell for the BBQ - nothing too flimsy, you need a proper tray. 
*You can make this well before your BBQ (minus the feta) just cover with cling film and pop it into the fridge.  Remove half an hour before you're going to cook it not forgetting the feta you left out!   
 There is no real recipe for this - just more or less what takes your fancy but I've done a printable recipe anyway!

Just an handful of each of the following - all thinly sliced.  The potato will need to be quite thin in order to cook, say 2mm.
Potatoes (Maris Piper or King Edward would be good), Red and Green bell pepper, Red onion, Tomato, Green or Red Chilli and a good amount of Feta (cubed) and 2 fat cloves of garlic - finely chopped.
Sea Salt and Pepper to season, a good pinch of Dried Oregano, very small handful of freshly chopped Flat Leaved Parsley and a couple of glugs of Olive oil.  
**You can also add if you wish a pinch of dried chilli flakes as I did.

Lightly oil the foil tray then put the potatoes on the bottom in a single layer, season with sea salt and black pepper.  Drizzle with a little olive oil and give them a mix to coat - you don't want them sticking to the bottom of the foil. Now you can do a layer of each of the peppers, onions and garlic etc, the parsley and the chilli flakes if using.  Just make sure you season as you go.  Drizzle with oil then top with the cubed feta.  Sprinkle with oregano put onto the BBQ to cook!
You can cover the tray with foil if you wish - we had the lid on the BBQ down whilst cooking.  I won't say a time to cook as it will of course, depend on your BBQ.



  1. This is my kind of food Jan. Mmmmmmm :P

    I was thinking of dragging the bbq out this weekend and also gardening, so no doubt the weather will take a sudden turn for the worse. Yes, you may blame me if it does Jan :)

  2. I love eat fresh before BBQ...look crisp...^^


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