The Sleekster Easter Egg Box from Hotel Chocolat

Oooh lucky me - look what the postman delivered! 
A lovely box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat to review.
 Named 'The Sleekster Easter Egg Box Selection' these little mini Easter eggs are full of delicious things.
Some have alcohol in them, which of course, I claimed as all mine. Paul didn't get much of a look in as far as those ones were concerned!
Very rich chocolates filled with pralines, truffles with blueberry, amaretto and whisky, strawberry, liquid caramel and more.
The packaging of the selection box looks expensive but at only £20 I don't think that's bad at all, considering the great all round quality.  

I love the fact that they also sell 'Chocograms' which can be delivered without any fuss. The packaging is designed to fit through most letterboxes.
So, you can send them to someone as a surprise without the worry of if they'll be home or not to take delivery - marvelous!

Hotel Chocolat deliver to the UK, Europe, USA and the Rest of the World so, pop over and take a look at their fantastic range of Easter gifts.
Thank you to Beth and Hotel Chocolat.


  1. Oh Jan, however did you get soooooo LUCKY!! (And you don't even like sweets!) I love Hotel Chocolate Chocolates. We have one here in Chester and I have to treat myself to a little pack each time I go in. Their chocolates are just wonderful. My favourites are the Blueberry ones, and of course the cherry ones. I am also fond of the champagne truffles, but shhh . . . don't tell anyone! LUcky you! xxoo

  2. Hellooo Jan, Lovely posts as always. Oooh you lucky lady! I, we all, LOVE chocolate in my family. Funnily enough I ws just thinking about the ones we can no longer buy. We used to love the eggs from Woolworths.. they used to be only available towards the Easter time, they were absolutely gorgeous, thick milk chocolate & filled with a caramel. Mmmmmm. Shame there's no longer a Woolies :D
    Marie, I'm with you re: the champagne truffles mmmmmmmm :)

  3. Oooh that is the perfect type of post!

    Love the sound of those fillings, especially amaretto mmm!

  4. amaretto wins :) i could actually live on these chocolates!


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