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Team Wholegrain 2011 with Nestlé Cereal

Last Thursday I was very kindly invited along to London to meet Team Wholegrain. Now in its third year, Nestle Team Whole Grain adds rugby World Cup champion and Celebrity Masterchef winner Matt Dawson. He joins the experienced team of TV and radio presenter Zoe Ball, Olympic rowing champion Greg Searle and independent nutritionist Juliette Kellow.

Unfortunately Greg couldn't be there, but it was great to meet the others. I had a good chat with Matt and he tells me I really am eating the wrong thing for breakfast (toast made with white bread)! He's right, and so as of last Friday, I'm now on Shredded wheat!

Team Whole Grain 2011 will be bringing some fun new recipes that not only taste great, but will brighten up dinner tables around the country, as well as giving the nation’s busy families some wholesome goodness.

Encouraging kids to take an interest in the kitchen in an exciting and engaging way, a series of seasonal food art recipes have been created by food artist Prudence Staite. Brought together by Nestlé Cereals, Team Whole Grain is calling for mums and kids to have some family fun in the kitchen by recreating the exciting recipes, which will be available for download on the newly relaunched website (www.wholegrain.co.uk) or to watch via podcast.

Here are some photos of the event and the fantastic things you can make with cereal.

Be your own rugby hero by creating Matt’s rugby ball.

Or say ‘I love you’ to someone special with Zoe’s favourite bunch of flowers.

Greg Searle loves making his Golden Nugget treasure chest with his kids.

Or why not have the kids bouncing around with Juliette Kellow’s Easter bunny.

I will attempt to make the bunny very soon - but I'm a bit concerned than mine won't look half as good as this one. Other designs include a Spring sheep, St Valentine’s chocolate lollipops, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and following on from the success of the ‘busy bee’ recipe last year, you can now make a home for them with the Shredded Wheat Bitesize Summer beehive.

And finally here's me with Matt Dawson:

And Zoe Ball

Thank you to Ryan for inviting me along and of course to and Team Wholegrain. *All food photos courtesy of Team Wholegrain.


  1. Awww I love the wee sheep! What a wonderful day that must have been :)

  2. I am sittin here with a bowl of Shredded Wheat, my all time favourite breakfast cereal. Those lambs are just the cutest and would entice kids or the kid in all if us.

  3. What a fab day for you Jan! Love the little sheep and rugby ball, so cool!


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