MyIce - Collect and Spend Ice Credits Online

I was contacted by MyIce a fantastic new website where consumers can collect and spend Ice credits online either by visiting or over telephone or in-store with an Ice card.

It's all very 'ice' and easy too.....sorry I couldn't help myself! So, start shopping and start collecting your credits now.

The people at MyIce very kindly credited my account with enough Ice points to buy some yummy chocolate. All I had to do was click 'Spend Ice' at the top of the screen and carry on with my order as you normally would with any online ordering. If I had wanted anything more expensive I could of course, have simply paid the balance.

How did I find the shopping experience?

* It took me just 2 minutes to register and a few minutes to place an order.

* I ordered Green and Black's 'Chocolate Lovers Collection' which can be found under the Food and Drink on the MyIce website.

* I found the MyIce website was very easy to navigate and very easy to use.

* It was simple to know how many points I had as they were shown at the top of the screen.

* The whole process was so easy and you easily can join MyIce here.

The Chocolates from Green and Black's arrived and were rather very nice indeed! As you can see, there was a selection of chocolate bars packaged really nicely too.

Box of chocolates

Green and Blacks Chocolate

Read more from MyIce:
Ice credits are available for buying sustainable products and services from British businesses across multiple sectors, including food & drink, travel, home & garden, home energy, fashion & clothing, pets and gifts & treats.

With no catches, Ice rewards customers with Ice credits that can be spent as soon as they appear in the customer’s MyIce Account and can be mixed freely with cash or card payment.

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