Galler Chocolate Bars - Dark with Raspberry and White with Coconut

Galler have a fantastic range of chocolate bars filled with the yummiest fillings you could imagine.  
With 22 fillings to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice. 
 I was very kindly sent to two bars to try.  I choose Dark chocolate with raspberry and white chocolate with coconut.
You really can taste the raspberries in the dark chocolate bar. 
The white chocolate bar has coconut flakes in and is amazing.
You can see the full range of Galler chocolate bars here.
Oh, and don't forget they are also available to order online too!
I did a post a while back which you can see here.

Thank you to Marion at Galler for sending them to me to review.


  1. I like that dark chocolate with raspberry filling!

  2. These sound amazing - I've never heard of Galler.


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