CSN Stores Le Creuset Frying Pan Toughened non-stick

You might remember a few posts back I mentioned that I'd be doing a review of a product from Wayfair (was) CSN stores?   
Well here it is - a Le Creuset Toughened Non-stick 30cm frying pan!
Now this is the frying pans of all frying pans - I love it!
Having only just got it, I've still managed to use it a good few times and the non-stick is amazing.  
You can even fry an egg with no oil if you wish and the egg just slides about effortlessly in the pan - marvelous! 

Wayfair stores sell this pan in 4 sizes from 24cm 26cm 28cm and 30cm.
Of course, CSN also has quality home furnishings at affordable prices. You can browse their huge selection of bedroom furniture, modern furniture, luggage and more!
With FREE delivery on orders (on almost everything) over £40 
I think Wayfair are are amazing.
Once again, I found lots of products quite a lot cheaper than other placed on-line.  At the time of writing, this 30cm frying pan is £7.16 cheaper at Wayfair than it is over at Amazon with no difference in the fast free delivery time either.
Thank you again to Eileen over at Wayfair Stores.


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