Chocolate Boutique - Chocolate and Love

Now, how do you like the sound of an online Chocolate Boutique?!

Chocolate and Love have a collection of the finest chocolates created by award-winning brands and chocolatiers from around the world. Selling chocolate of the highest quality and also a range of hard to find chocolate. Some are organic, some fairly traded, some gluten free, some sugar free, some raw, some handmade.

You can buy your chocolate online and have it delivered to your doorstep, surprise your loved-one with a Chocolate Club Membership, send delightful chocolates to a business partner as a ’thank you’,

offer clients customised chocolates with your logo at meetings, treat your employees or colleagues to a chocolate tasting.

I was very kindly sent some of their chocolate to try:
'Crushed Diamonds' with Cocoa Nibs has to be the best I say - Dark Fair Trade, Organic and Delicious.

Paul (the husband) has got quite addicted to 'The Coffee Affair' a Dark Organic Fair Trade Chocolate with the Aroma of Espresso. You have to love coffee for this one as the coffee flavour (to me anyway) was very strong.

Sounds good? Then pop over to Chocolate and Love now and have a look for yourself.

Thank you to Eliza for sending the chocolate to me.


  1. Lucky you Jan! I am a chocolate nut, but I have never seen this brand. There is a Hotel Chocolate in Chester and I visit it far too often! xxoo

  2. Sounds gorgeous Jan. I do like good quality bar of chocolate :)

  3. These sounds divine Jan - I love the packaging of the bars.

  4. The chocolate bars sound wonderful. Like bling chocolate!


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