Bacon and Egg Roll or Bap, Bun or Cob - whatever you want to call it!

Rolls, buns, baps, cobs - what a strange world we live in - seems it's all down to where you live or were brought up.
To me this is a roll but Paul (the husband) will insist it's a cob! 

 No recipe - just fried bacon and egg, brown sauce (has to be 'Daddies'
a sprinkling of vinegar a good shake of pepper in a ROLL!
Oh and a cup of tea too.
Roll, Bap, Bun or Cob? 
What do you say it is?


  1. Well to me it is a roll, at work they market it as a bap and in the bakers they asked if i wanted a cob so I am so confused but to me it is just a good ole bacon and egg roll....oh and it must be with unsmoked bacon and tomato ketchup, smoked bacon is criminal.


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