Carmargue Red and Brown Basmati with Wild Rice Mixture

What a marvellous mixture of different rices! 

Carmargue Red and Brown Basmati with Wild Rice Mixture

Now for a tiny bit of trivia!
Carmargue Red Rice - Grown in the wetlands in the Carmargue region of Southern France.

Brown Basmati - Provides protein and carbohydrates as well as B-vitamins which aid digestion.  

Wild rice - is any of the four species of plants that make up the genus Zizania

I bought a packet of mixed rice from Waitrose (a fantastic UK grocery store)  
If you want to make this yourself you will need:
80% Brown Basmati and 10% Camargue red rice and 10% of wild rice.

Perfect served with my Chiili con Carne.


  1. Yes this would be an amazing combination Jan.

  2. Wonderful dish Jan. I have not tried red rice before - I am all for trying new ingredients, so I shall look out for this when I am shopping next. Lucie x

  3. Nice looking rice Jan. I like the nuttiness of wild rice.

  4. Lovely array of rices there, will look out for them.


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