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Encona Sauces - Taste Explorers Range

Encona Sauces are the UK's Number 1 best selling range of authentic, hot and spicy sauces from around the world.

They've now added some more sauces to their already fantastic range, 'Taste Explorers' and I have very kindly been sent some to try!

Encona Sauces - Taste Explorers Range

What a lovely lot of sauces 😋

American Chilli Ketchup - Made using a special blend of rich tomato sauce and chilli which makes for a tasty sauce with a delicious, spicy kick.

Versatile ketchup for every occasion, the chilli heat is mild enough for the whole family to enjoy.

It certainly went down really well with the Top Notch Burgers I made the other day.

West Indian Hot Pepper - Made to the same, classic recipe for over 40 years, using only the very best Scotch Bonnet and Habanero peppers blended with traditional island spices.

The result is a deliciously fiery and fruity flavour for a true taste of the tropics.

Jamaican Jerk BBQ - Our new and improved recipe has been specially blended to capture all the great tastes of Jamaica’s traditional Jerk Seasoning in a ready to use sauce.

The unique combination of aromatic spices and chillies gives a mild, spicy flavour which is great with all your favourite foods.

Barbados Creole Pepper - Made to a traditional recipe from the island of Barbados, our unique blend of Scotch Bonnet and Habanero Peppers, spices and mustard gives this sauce its distinctive colour and delicious, tangy flavour for a true taste of the tropics.

Thai Chilli and Garlic - Inspired by the classic, hot sauce recipe made famous in the seaside town of Sriracha, Thailand.

Made using a special blend of chillies and aromatic garlic, this rich and savoury sauce has a warm, spicy kick which makes it a delicious addition to any dish.


  1. I've never heard of these sauces. Great post!

  2. Looks like they would make a great gift pack!

  3. Looks like they would make a great gift pack!

  4. That's what I was going to say Maria! However, I will look out for them.


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