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Blog Name Change

'What Do I Want To Cook Today' has now changed to A Glug of Oil. Seeing as I'm always using the term 'a glug of oil' I thought it was a better name for my blog!

However - I know it's early days as I only changed the name this morning, but every comment ever left on this blog has disappeared - HELP!!!!

Update: They came back after 4 days so all is good.


  1. Maybe a glug of vegetable oil, or maybe a glug of olive oil. A glug of oil could be misconstrued as motor oil!

  2. I like your new name!
    And nevermind you will get lots of new comments! Cheers!

  3. Happy name day! Very Jamie Sainsburys.

    @JdV - Mmmmm motor oil. Starts me up every day!

  4. I LOVE the new name, Jan but, I like the other one too! I sure wish I could help you with the disappearing act.

    The only thing I can think of is to check with blogger. I think they have some instructions for moving over to your own domain. I've been thinking about doing it myself but was afraid just for this reason. Good Luck!!!

  5. Good name change Jan - quite a brave move!
    OMG what a nightmare thinking you had lost all of your comments.


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