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Thai-style Salmon Fishcakes

I felt the need to make Thai fishcakes. I only had salmon (no white fish) and I was limited to what I had in my cupboards and fridge, I came up with these. I really wanted the outside to be crispy, so seeing as I had a bag of potato starch living in my cupboard (as you do)!

Thai-style Salmon Fishcakes

I wondered what would happen if I coated the fishcakes in it before frying. A marvelous idea - it worked but you don't want much - just a coating.

Thai Style Salmon Fishcakes

Perfect as a starter.


250g of salmon fillet - cut into chunks 
1 tsp Thai fish sauce 
1 tbsp red curry paste 
2 kaffir lime leaves -shredded very finely 
1 green birds eye chilli - deseeded and finely chopped
1 egg - yolk only 
1 tsp palm sugar or muscovado sugar
½ tsp salt 2 spring onions, finely chopped 
1 tbs of cornflour - if needed to thicken 
**optional - a couple of spoons of potato starch to give extra crunch 
a glug of sunflower oil - for frying 


Put the fish in a food processor with the fish sauce, curry paste, kaffir lime leaves, egg yolk, sugar and salt. Process until smooth.

Put the mixture into a bowl. Add the cornflour (if you need it) to thicken the mixture. 
Stir in the chopped spring onions and the chilli. 

Divide the mixture into 4 pieces - or 8 if you want baby fishcakes . 

Using your hands, roll each one into a ball and then flatten into rounds. Roll each one in potato starch (optional). 

Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the fish cakes in (in batches if you need to) for a minute or so on each side depending on their size. 

You want them nice and golden brown. Once they're cooked, remove and drain on kitchen paper. 

Serve immediately with a nice dipping sauce.
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  1. There's something "fishy" goin on with these cakes!

    I want to make a sandwich with one!

  2. I love Thau fish cakes......I think even more than a Thai stew......the flavors in your fish cakes are just right!!!

  3. You have the best ideas Jan, they look really good!

  4. Yes, they look very crispy, I want one piece in my burger buns

  5. Great idea re coating. Its suprising what lurks in the depths of the cupboards

  6. These fishcakes are filled with great flavors!

  7. I love Thai fish cakes – My version uses salmon and bread and a food processor makes everything so easy!
    Happy cooking :)


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