Save Money on Kitchen Gadgets and More!

I've been raving on about wanting a Cameron Stovetop Smoker for a while now - hint hint to Mr Bennett (the husband).
However, I was very kindly sent one this week by Nick at

It's a fantastic kitchen gadget I must say and I can not wait to use it.

If you want to save money on kitchen gadgets, or almost anything
else for that matter, visit and get your
Amazon Promotional Voucher now!

Of course it's not just Amazon they have vouchers for.
You'll be pleased to know you can get 10% off at
Hotel Chocolat which could be of use for that last minute Christmas present!

As I said I can't wait to get smoking! Recipes to follow as soon as I can escape work (it's like a mad house in there at the moment)!


  1. Hope you will both be very happy Jan!

  2. .... and they said smoking was bad for you! Want to see what smoking the Christmas Day turkey would be like.

    Looks like St. Nick's been a busy man delivering all these Christmas gifts!

    Have a good one!


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