Our Cat Yasmin Has Gone Missing

Sorry for not posting anything for a bit but our cat Yaz went missing last week.
We are both very sad as we can't find her anywhere.
She never, ever ventured further than the front and back of this house.
We have looked everywhere and done all we in the way of registering her as missing with the RSPCA and local vets, the Police and the National Pet register etc.
But today of course, we will continue to go out looking.

Update 14th September 2009 - Yaz is back home!!
She came home at 4am limping and starving - 10 days she had been missing. Never going to know what happened . Letting her rest for a bit then a trip to the vets.
Thank you to everyone for caring.


  1. Jan, saying a little prayer that you find her soon! I know how worriesome and distressing this can be. Hope it all turns out well! xxoo

  2. Jan, I hope she turns up soon. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Oh Jan... so sorry to hear that Yasmin is missing... hopefully, she will come back to you again soon. Will praying and crossing my fingers for her and also my dogs will crossing the paws too :)

  4. Look everywhere around your home and in tiny places that you think are unusual

  5. Thamk you Marie, Sylvie, Selba and GarlicBoss for your kind thoughts. She still isn't home - I will of course post as soon as she is.

  6. We are thinking of you and hope your cat comes home soon. Yasmin looks exactly like our Sammy. We will keep you in our thoughts. Stacy

  7. Hope your kitty comes home soon.

  8. your kitty is cute!
    i hope she will come home soon!

  9. Stacy and Brian, Nic and Lululu - thank you all for your your kind thoughts. It's been over a week now and Yaz still isn't home. :(

  10. Oh... Jan, this is really a great news! I'm so happy to hear that Yasmin is back again! :)


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