In the Post Today - Galler Chocolates!!

Today, the postman knocked the door and delivered this amazing box of chocolates from Galler for me to try!

Each stick in a brush. Each inkpot is an aromatic flavor.....
These luxury chocolates are simply the best. I really love the idea of dipping the chocolate 'brush' into the little pots to try a different flavour.
mine was the 'orange and nibs'.
By using their advance gift service, you will never forget that anniversary or special occasion.
Pre-order now to guarantee your gift will be delivered in time for that special day, and ensure that you are not in trouble for forgetting that important date!
Luxury Belgian Chocolate;Jean Galler and the chocolate development team at Galler chocolates are continually developing new blends of chocolate, experimenting with taste and flavours to concoct chocolate miracles and lead in the evolution of new and exciting ranges of chocolate gifts. The exquisite range of chocolate gifts created by Galler chocolates includes the subtle and enticing Les Florales, the unique and original Les Marines, the sumptuous Les Volcaniques, as well as an extensive range of luxury Belgian chocolate bars.
Each new Galler chocolate gift sensation represents Jean Galler’s ideologies about chocolate.
You can see the full range of fantastic chocolate products and gifts over at


  1. Jan, I surfed their website and there's no shipping policy information there. Do they ship to Hong Kong?

  2. Kenny I have emailed the woman that kindly sent the chocolates. I will email you as soon as I hear!

  3. Thank you so much for your help, Jan. I'm much appreciated!!

  4. What a concept. We'll await your masterpiece. What do you mean they've all gone?

  5. Lucky you.
    The chocolates look amazing.

  6. Thanks for visiting me too! This Galler choc is really interesting and unique!


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