Peter's Sofrito and Marc's Spicy Yakisoba - Two Great Recipes

Today, I thought I'd share with you two recipes I made recently from two fantastic blogs. The first being Peter's recipe for Sofrito over at Kalofagas. As soon as I spied it with my little eye, I had to make it.

Peter's Sofrito: I followed his recipe exactly, apart from using pork escalopes as I had some in my fridge. I also served mine with Greek roast potatoes and I have to say this recipe was so lovely. I cooked mine in my tagine, any excuse to use it!

The pork was really lovely and tender and the sauce was dee-lish.


For the potatoes, I par boiled them in lightly salted water for a few minutes. Drained the water from them using the lid of the saucepan, gave them a shake to fluff up the edges.
Drizzled them in a good amount of olive oil and squeezed with lemon juice. I put some lemon wedges in with them and seasoned with a little more salt and pepper and dried Greek oregano. 

Popped them into a preheated oven - 200C/400F/Gas6 for about 45 minutes, turning them and basting with the oil half was through.

Marc's Spicy Yakisoba: 

The second recipe I had a go at was Marc's Spicy Yakisoba over at No Recipes.
I know I mentioned making this in my last post and so I've already said how yummy it was. Such a lovely and easy stir fry that as soon as I saw Marc's post I knew I'd be making it.

Again, I followed Marc's recipe exactly and I used chicken. It was amazing with a nice tingly spice to it and the crunchy vegetables, it was just totally yummy. My photo is not making this dish look as nice as it really is so pop over to Marc's to see how it ought to look!
Spicy Yakisoba

So, many thanks you two for these great recipes. Both of which I will make again and I really enjoy reading both blogs!


  1. Jan, those really look like two great dishes.

  2. I know Peter well, but Not Marc...thx for tip, I'll go there straight away!!

  3. I love two for the price of one special offers. Do we still get the points on our loyalty card though?

    I like the way he calls his blog no recipes..... but gives you a recipe. Nice foraging ideas though.

  4. Jan, I have not seen a Japanese & Greek dish together...I think it's great!

    I've met Marc, wonderful person, passionate cook and and always interesting blog.

    Jan, thank you as always...the Sofrito with pork looks delish.

  5. Both are gorgeous and delicious looking dishes. I was taken with the sofrito when I saw it on Peter's blog, but I need to check out Marc's blog now, as well as work my way through yours!

  6. Yakisoba!!! Oiishi desu ne?

  7. The Peter's Sofrito food looks so tempting delicious :)

  8. Oh gosh. I should have known better than to come and look when I am starving and can't eat because I have to go and get some blood tests done this morning. Those both look wonderfully delicious Jan!

  9. These sound wonderful - I'll have to make one of these.

  10. Nice two dishes! Love your new photo:)

  11. Those potatoes sound so good. I have never tried parboiling mine first...might be something to try. Oh and everything else looks good too - I am just a spud lover.

  12. I especially like the look and sound of the sofrito, and those roast spuds look divine.


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