I'm Growing Herbs and Vegetables!

I must be getting old! I've started to grow herbs and tomatoes and other stuff too. We only have a small garden but would have more room if we didn't have a pond. So when my mum was here with us last week we went to the garden centre and I saw this greenhouse type thing, which she bought for me - thanks mum!bought for me - thanks mum!

Growing Herbs and Veg 
Amazing, I can now grow things - are you impressed?
I have spring onions happening, well not yet, but they will be as they are in the green tray you can see top left. Then garlic and jalapeno peppers parsley, basil, thyme, coriander and chives.
The pot of basil was already grown up when I bought it by the way!

Growing Basil

Then a lot of tomatoes - Cherry and ordinary tomatoes too.

Tomatoes Growing

I got a bit carried away in the garden centre as the tomato plants were a bargain! So I need to buy two more pots for two of them. I know they can stay in here for too long but they'll be fine till they start to grow. I have sage, oregano and rosemary in large pot elsewhere in the garden - so I've got a right little greengrocers stall going on.

I also have bell peppers and tarragon that is growing from seed indoors for the time being - yes I've got carried away 😄


  1. So are we going to have to start calling you Old MacDonald? lol We grow a few things, but not alot as the slugs and rabbits seem to get it all! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. wow... nice.. cool.. i am also growing herbs & vegetables . I love gardening..

  3. Hi My one one those blew round the garden last night!! Luckily I hadnt got my plants yet! Look forward to see how yours grow!

  4. This is awesome Jan - We have a small porch garden that we have cultivated this year. Such fun! It feels so good to grow things - and I love the little greenhouse - I will keep my eyes out for one!

  5. There is a certain satisfcation in preparing meals with what you have produced yourself. It is inspiring:D

  6. We grow tons of stuff and the best thing is that you KNOW it doesn't have any pesticide on it.
    All looks super!

  7. Yay, you're gonna have so much fun simply dashing to the garden and back to the kitchen to cook with your herbs!

  8. We grow a lot of our own veg and herbs too. Everything tastes so much better when you grow it yourself.


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