Chicken wrapped in Pancetta with Ricotta and Feta

Another made up recipe from stuff in the fridge!
I had two chicken fillets, bell peppers and Pancetta. I also had some ricotta and I always have feta in the fridge so I was on a roll!
I should have taken a picture of them sliced but I forgot - so please can you just imagine the ricotta and feta stuffing - Thank you!
Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6
Serves 2 - You will need:

2 skinless chicken breast fillets

100g ricotta cheese

100g feta cheese

salt and pepper to season

10 thinly sliced rashers of Pancetta

a little Parmesan cheese and a little olive oil - to go over the top

How to do it:

Place each chicken breast between cling film and bash with something

'bashable' - I always use the side of one of those meat tenderiser things, or whatever they're called in my picture below. It's the only thing I've ever used mine for! Don't get carried away and bash it too hard, as you don't want to tear the chicken.

Now season the chicken lightly. Mix the ricotta and feta together using a fork. Put half of the mixture in the middle of each fillet. Bring up the ends of the fillet and now wrap the sides round till it makes a parcel.

Wrap each fillet with 5 rashers of the Pancetta so that they become all neat and tidy and the filling wont escape when they are being cooked.

Now grate some Parmesan cheese over the top and drizzle with a little olive oil.

Bake in a preheated oven for about 25 minutes - remember they wont take too long to cook as the chicken has been made to be quite thin.

I served mine with some bell peppers which I halved and after roasting along with the chicken, I stuffed them with lemon couscous.


  1. That sounds and looks delicious Jan!! I hope you are enjoying your mum's visit! I am sure she is being very well fed!! Lucky her!

  2. Wow - now that's technical!

    I used a saucepan once for bashing out some chicken, got a little carried away and the pan flew off from the handle! The meat bat's a much better idea......

  3. this is quite a dish... just perfect... :)

  4. Mmm bacon= taste good :)

  5. I just love dishes like this Jan:D Chicken and feta.......I am so there.

  6. I am drooling. Does chicken get any better than this? GREAT recipe!

  7. I did something similar last time I cleared the fridge out only I used a smidge of dijon mustard (just to empty the jar cos it was recycling day!) under Phili with garlic / herbs, then feta, all rolled up in a rasher of smoked bacon. I always think the things you make out of whatever there is are the best. Oh, and we had bananas and custard for pudding.

    love, Angie, xx

  8. I love stuffed chicken breasts and these look really good.

  9. Now that is one tasty looking chicken. Great flavours!

  10. Ohhhh almost! I was hoping for a photo of the inside...gooey feta, indeedy!

  11. I do a similar recipe to this, but wrap the chicken in bacon. Delish.


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