The Meadow Inn at Ironbridge - A Review

I'm not telling anyone that it's my birthday on Monday. But seeing as it is, we went out for lunch yesterday at one of our favorite places to eat, The Meadow Inn at Ironbridge.

I must point out that since about October/November 08 The Meadow has had new owners. Since then, the already high standards have been upped and it is now a really lovely, friendly place where we could just sit, drink and eat, quite happily all day!
We arrived not too long after they'd opened for lunch, hence it was a bit quite, but not for long. We walked there, which normally doesn't take very long but because of the snow we've had we had to walk a long way round or we'd have slid on our bottoms all the way there!

The picture above is one of the bars - they have another one to the left.
Now, there is nothing that can be faulted with The Meadow Inn. The staff are really nice and friendly. It's very clean (the loos are spotless) and the food is excellent!
The Meadow is one of those places where you want to eat everything on their menu. They do smaller portions if that's what you want, or you can add just £2.50 for a larger sized meal. The small portions aren't that small either!

For starters I had the Char-grilled King Prawn skewers with a sweet chili relish - very nice indeed - I could quite happily had a whole plate of those!
As well as their main menu they have a blackboard which has a few more yummy dishes to choose from. So, from the blackboard, Paul had warm goats cheese with dressed leaves and walnuts.
For the main course, he had their double stack burger, which as you can see isn't small! I was cooked perfectly and the chunky chips were lovely and crisp, just as they should be.
I had to have steak, of course! The steak was cooked to absolute perfection - I always have steak medium rare.
They do a larger steak but this size (8oz) was just fine for me. I also had Bearnaise sauce, which was included in the price. Everywhere else you go, seems to want to charge £2 to £2.50 extra for sauce!
Now, another good thing about The Meadow Inn, is that their beef is minimum 28 day matured and is from Welsh border farms. It always bothers me that in some places you just don't know where they get their meat from.
Now, we didn't have dessert as we were FULL!
In my opinion The Meadow really does serve the best steaks and not just in Ironbridge! If you're ever in the area you must go there and see for yourself.
You wont be disappointed.


  1. Looks like a great place, Jan. Sounds like you really did enjoy your pre-birthday meal.

  2. Happy Birthday Jan. It sounds like you started celebrating early:D

  3. Forget the steak, just tell me about the dessert!

  4. WOW, that burger looks like it would be a challenge to eat... a challenge I would LOVE to take up! =D Great post and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  5. Great post, Jan! Sounds like a great Birthday meal to me! Have a great birthday! Much love, Raquel XO

  6. Well it's Monday now in England so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jan.

    No idea where Ironbridge is but I suspect it's not near Leeds so it may be a while before I get there !

    I'll get Sheila (my GPS) to take me there, never fear. Hmmmmmm real chips. I miss those so much.

  7. This is a birthday set? hahaha...
    *~HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a wonderful Jan~* May your wishes come true! :D

  8. All of that food looks so good! Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Jan. Looks like a great meal.

  10. The Inn looks like a wonderful place to eat and relax, and the food don't look half bad either.

  11. I like the look of that 'M' branded on to the steak & burger bun.

    Happy birthday! :-)

  12. Sounds like a wonderful birthday lunch! Happy belated!

  13. Sorry I missed your birthday, Jan, but many belated birthday greetings are headed your way. This looks like a lovely place to spend a birthday.


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