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The Yummiest Meatloaf Ever

When I saw the Greek meatloaf Peter over at Kalofagas had made a while back, I had to make it the very same day!

I've now made it twice and each time I've served it with lemon roasted potatoes, which, I must say seem to look very pale in this picture.


I didn't mess about with the recipe at all - I followed it very nearly almost exactly! All the ingredients were followed as Peter says to in his recipe here.

I only used one slice of bread for the breadcrumbs, then added them to the mixture and poured the wine over the bread instead of soaking the bread in water. Also, I didn't have a sausage to go in the middle and I made the loaf in a bread tin, just for quickness. 

Here it is pictured at the stage where the bacon that was placed over the top has crisped up a bit after being in the oven.

Bacon topped meatloaf
The tomato sauce is then poured on top and the meatloaf then goes back to the oven to cook further.

Tomato sauce on top of meatloaf

I must say this was one really yummy meatloaf - thank you Peter. 


  1. Im on a quest to find a really good meatloaf recipe will try this

  2. Jan, I'm not surprised you loved this dish, it's becoming one of my faves too!

    I must say, I like the look of those potatoes...I see the crispy parts.

  3. I had bookmarked that one to try as well. A meatloaf with bacon, sausage and tomato sauce would be really tasty!

  4. This sounds like a wonderful meatloaf, and so much more interesting than lots of other recipes. It looks delicious.

  5. looks like a comfort food to me... yum... :)

  6. Tasty looking meatloaf Jan. I have an old standby I have been making for years from my Fanny Farmer cooking school cook book. I may give this a try as it sounds very delicious and your tasty pictures confirm that assumption!

  7. This sounds like such a homey dish Jan and perfect for a little comfort this time of the year.

  8. I love meatloaf! This is a great version, and I like how you used wine! I'd love to hear more about your lemon roasted potatoes, too! YUM!

  9. By the way I don't know what is meatloaf and I happy to lean to know westerner food from your blog Jan. Thank you for sharing. Well, at least I know your fresh tomato sauce and I love it.
    Have a great weekend Jan,


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