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Food Presentation - I Must Try Harder!

First of all I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately and have fallen behind in leaving comments. I am a stressed woman since the TV thing! I can't say much about this television programme, but I want to say a big thank you to my Niece Sarah and her chef boyfriend Ant who has taught me how to make a red wine jus. It was like 'cookalong live' via text messages and phone calls the other night but I did it thanks to Ant!

And to James over at The Cotswold Food Year for how to make some fancy potatoes. I won't give the name of the potato dish, as it's top secret info at the moment. I can't be having other contestants from the show knowing what I'm going to make!!

I am trying to come up with a dessert (I don't do desserts) for the TV thing. Now as I said, I can't say much about it apart from the filming starts this Thursday with a celebrity chef, who is giving me and the other three people in the team for Shropshire cooking lessons. As you know my presentation of food is one of my biggest problems! I just can't be 'posh'. This was my attempt at posh yesterday. I won't be making this though, it was an experiment!

I've decided it must taste quite horrid. Paul the husband and taster, thought it was really nice (but he would do as he loves chocolate) he just thought I'd gone slightly overboard with the amount of booze I'd put in.

It wasn't too fancy in the fact that all it consists of is an oaty biscuit base with Grand Marnier flavoured ganache on top, dusted with cocoa powder!I can think of quite a few desserts to make, but the problem I have is, I will have 1 hour and 45 minutes from start to finish. So for me, everything I think of would either be way to quick or would take too long - I am a bit stuck. I really wanted to make a tiny cheesecake, but again even the no bake ones need time to chill. I will keep trying!


  1. Sounds exciting. Glad you like the potato dish.

    You haven't got much time - just and hour and 45. Individual desserts cook quicker. What about this - http://www.thecotswoldfoodyear.com/2007/08/chocolate-and-three-nut-torte-with.html . No flour so it's soft and delicious, and quite quick to make. I could email the recipe if you want.

    If you cut a small piece off the bottom of the physalis they stand up - so you can use them as a centre piece.

  2. Looks like a stunning dessert Jan.

  3. Apple crumble, that's what you want for a pud. You can make that incredibly posh with those individ. ring mould things. Oooh, I do hope all goes well for you - you are brave! When is the show likely to air and what on?

    Love your vid presentation. My cupboards would definitely need a bit of a doing-up for the telly. Yours look quite at home being all clean and tidy!

    Good luck,
    Love, Angie, xx

  4. Oh is that all it is...throw a bit of this, bit of that? lol

    Sounds like you're in good hands with some help with plating, etc....Zen is a wonderful guy and it's no surprise is of assistance.

  5. Doesn't look half bad to me!


  6. It all sounds so exciting!!! How about a molten lava cake for dessert with some booze laced whipped cream or mascarpone cream...both made in 5 minutes!!!!!!

  7. I think your chocolate pud looks quite impressive. I am waiting on tenterhooks here to find out how you did! I am hoping it was a wonderful television experience for you my sweet friend! XXOO

  8. Your cake looks really nice!

  9. It sounds like a lot of fun! That dessert looks really good. I have been trying to work on my food presentation as well.

  10. I think you have gotten some great advice. Take James up on his offer.

  11. I think your dessert looks wonderful... and I just know you will knock their sock off!

  12. I'm so excited for you, Jan. But I can well understand the stress you must be under right now.

    This dessert looks pretty impressive, but what about those pears in choc sauce you made a while ago?

  13. I think you did great presentation wise. They look so cute, but pretty at the same time.


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