A Walk to Ironbridge, Shropshire

This post has nothing to do with food, it's just something I thought people might find interesting. The Iron Bridge was built in 1779, and was the first structural use of cast iron.

I love Ironbridge itself, which is also the name of the place. There is so much history there and there's also a Victorian Town further down the road at a place called Blists Hill.

Yesterday we took a walk there and the following pictures are in order of that walk.

Down a steep hill - well it's seems steep on the way back up!

A house at the bottom of that hill.

Here's a cute looking pub called 'The Horse and Jockey'

A Rooftop!

Now were are at the old Police Station, which has since been turned into an Indian Restaurant. It's our favorite place to eat Indian and is called 'The Pondicherry'

A couple of other restaurants on the way down.

An old fashioned sweet shop called Memory Lane Sweets.

Now we are at the Iron Bridge itself, with tourists everywhere!

Just past the bridge still walking down by the river there are many shops, Bed and Breakfast places and loads of Pubs!

I love the little side streets.

Below is the main street, with the river on the left.

Below are the Lincoln Hill Lime Kilns.

Under tremendous heat, rock hard limestone was transformed into powdery-fine lime in the lime kilns.
Lime kilns have been found in the Gorge since medieval times.
These kilns operated from about 1760 to 1870 when Lincoln Hill supplied huge quantities of lime stone to the surrounding iron furnaces.

Below is one of the many pubs!

And finally, this is the view from where I'm sat with my wine in one of our favorite pubs! 'The Swan' in Ironbridge.


  1. What a lovely part of England you live in...how did you manage to walk through the countryside wearing stiletto heels?

  2. Jan, looks lovely! Thank you so much for sharing pics, it is almost like being there myself! Looks like you had a lovely day! Much love - RAquel XO

  3. Wonderful photos, Jan. The area is so quintessentially English, you've made me feel quite homesick.

  4. Oh Jan, thanks so much for taking us on this lovely walk with you! Your pictures are fabulous and I feel as if I have been there myself!!!

  5. Great photos, I love the name of the Indian restaurant!

  6. OH wow - thanks for sharing this. This was absolutely lovely!


  7. These are fabulous pictures!!

  8. Found you from Nic's site. Lovely photo's of Ironbridge. I live not too far away and it's always a pleasure to walk around and take in the wonderful views.

  9. Lovely post. I remember going here on a schoo trip many years ago. Blist's Hill is wonderful too.

  10. I spent time in Ironbrige as part of my geography degree on the way to Machynlleth ... unfortunately as an impoverished student I couldn't afford to eat ;o)


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