The Beautiful Greek Island of Thassos

We'd never been to Thassos until now but I must admit I didn't realise it so beautiful and very green too.


We stayed in 'The Four Seasons Apartments and Studios' and they were fantastic.

This picture was taken from our studio (there are 25 studios and only 2 apartments) the can studios sleep 3 (the 3rd person would sleep on a sofa bed) and are extremely clean.

Very modern and stylish. The pool is only small but was never packed out at all.

Four Seasons Apartments and Studios in Thassos

The staff at the hotel were very friendly and really very helpful.

The pool bar serves food all day and the range of food is really good. Moussaka, Pastitsio, Greek Salad, Chips, Steak, Burgers, Toasties, Full English Breakfasts; I could go on.

Good to see the shower and toilet was both nice and clean.

Four Seasons Apartments and Studios Shower Room

The Studios opened in May 2008. They are available to book through Thomson but not one of the pictures Thomson show (as I write this anyway) are not pictures of The Four Seasons at all so be aware.

Also, they are not situated in Skala Rachoni either as stated! They are about 5 miles away from there going towards Thassos town.

The hotel puts on a free return minibus service to take you into Thassos town at night which, without that, you would have to get a taxi which costs 6 euros each way.

On the first day, you arrive the minibus takes you to the supermarket to stock on drinks etc which I thought was a great service and as I'm always hungry my main concern is FOOD!

So at least you can get drinks and things for your room which of course is fully equipped should you feel the need to cook. Personally, I didn't, yes I love cooking, I was on holiday.

The only good thing Thomson have done is post pictures of what you think looks an 'okay' sort of place to stay. But it's good if, when you get there you are really pleased to find that they are actually excellent and so clean and modern and much, much better than the pictures they show.

Thassos is such a beautiful island but we think you really must hire a car if you go. We went for a week and only hired a car for one day so we could go all the way around the island.

Forget the buses - they are okay if you don't mind waiting for anything up to 40 minutes until it arrives! The timetables are just not any help. When they do turn up they are nice air-conditioned coaches which is one good thing.

Okay, this is a shop front in Limenas (Thassos Town) selling jars of olives, oils and different nuts in syrup. I got some Greek Oregano that was actually from Thassos.

Display of oils and nuts in a shop in Thassos

The drive all the way around the island is about 70 miles and then you are back to where you started.

You can not go wrong as there is only one main round that goes right the way around the edge. I mean on the edge too sometimes but the scenery is fantastic.

We just stopped where we could, parked up went to a few different beaches, had lunch and carried on our way.

This picture is of Skala Rachoni beach.

Skala Rachoni beach

This was part of a meal we had in The 'Gorgona Restaurant' in Skala Rachoni. Fried Feta on the left and Spicy Cheese Salad (is what they called it on the menu) on the right.

Greek spicy cheese salad

And below is Pepper and Tomato Stuffed with Minced Meat and Rice.

Pepper and Tomato Stuffed with Minced Meat and Rice

Thassos Town (Limenas) is just full of places to eat. Lots of locals eat in many of the places there too.

One place we really liked was in one of the side streets, see picture below.

A bar in Thassos Town

More lovely Greek salad, and Cheese Croquettes.

Greek salad and cheese croquettes

Another excellent place to eat is The Thassian Restaurant.

Below, Roasted Peppers with the skin removed, stuffed with feta cheese and baked in the oven.

Roasted red peppers stuffed with feta

This is Aliki beach, which if you look at a map of Thassos is at the bottom right of the island and was one of the places we stopped to have a dip in the sea and have lunch.

You can see the place we ate in (above the sign in the middle of the picture).

 Aliki beach Thassos

Below, is Aliki looking from the roadside where we parked our hire car.

The beach shown above is to the left of this picture.

Aliki Thassos

Well, I've gone on way too much, but all in all, Thassos was a lovely island and met a lot of lovely people.


  1. Simply lovely Jan! Sounds like you had a great hols, love the pics!

  2. Jan, the property sounds and looks good and the beach looks fab.

    As for the food, "htipiti" is the spicy cheese salad and that melted cheese B as in Bouyiourdi.

    What was in the croquettes?

  3. Thank you Raquel.

    Peter - It was cheese in the croquettes. But not sure what cheese it wasn't feta although you could have feta.
    Thank you! I knew you would know what the B was for!!!

  4. Oh Jan, it all looks fabulous! That gorgeous blue sky would be enough for me. I am glad you had a super time.

  5. Congrats on your 100th post Jan! Looks a lovely trip and the food looks fabulous and very cheesy! Well done you! Good to have you back safe and sound!

  6. You demented state prior to holiday turned out to be fantastic, I see! Beautiful.

  7. Now I am all green with envy!!!!Was your profile photo taken this holiday - you looks so tanned and relaxed!!!!
    I cannot wait for all your Greek inspired dishes!!!!

  8. Lovely pictures Jan, I am glad you had a good holiday.
    Congratulations on your 100th post.

  9. Look at all of the tasty food!

  10. Nice to find you people:) I love this island, usually I stay at Esperides, very close to Four seassons studios. This month I'll visit Thassos for the 3rd time this year..Great post! here you can see my Thassos experience: Enjoy.

  11. Hi Jan
    How lovely to read your blog. I went to Thassos a couple of years ago and loved it. I'm looking at booking the fourseasons in June - it looks wonderful. Whilst I was there last I took lots of foodie photos, especially the whole fish! We had a great time and I can't wait to return.

    Best wishes

  12. Hi Jan, Thank you so much for posting this about Thassos! I was getting confused about the Glykadi/Skala R reaort but found your info very helpful & have booked to go to the very same place in June!

    Can't wait to go now after reading your page - thanks again :-)


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