Pantespani (Greek Lemon Sponge Cake)

While we were on the island of Thassos, in almost every place we ate in they gave us free something or other. Either coffee at the end of the meal with, or watermelon, or Metaxa (Brandy) and sometimes a dessert.


Every time we were given Ouzo at the start of our meal and in one place we went to they gave us 500ml carafe of red wine, which was a bit of a worry since we'd already had 1.5 litres between us!!

One of the desserts we had was a Greek sponge cake called Pantespani. The syrup that is poured over the top of the cake while it cools when we had it was a lemon syrup. Here's my attempt at making it!

I had a go at making it at the weekend. I used this recipe but I used lemon instead of orange. Now I am no baker and mine grew in the oven at an alarming rate in the oven! So it came out a bit more deeper than when we ever had it in Greece.

This picture was when it first came out of the oven. You then cut it into squares and pour over the syrup, which then soaks into the sponge.
Lemon Sponge Cake

I served it with ice cream (can't imagine that your supposed to) but hey, it was nice.


  1. Jan, I'd love to hear you pronounce "Pantespani"! lol

    I'm sure you now know why they serve watermelon, don't you? ;)

  2. Congrats on the award, and the lemon sponge cake looks spongy and yum!

  3. Lemon sponge cake with syrup . . . mmmmmmm! Looks great Jan!

  4. I'd never seen this before but I'd love to try it. It looks like a good one!

  5. Looks great, Jan. And lots of it. :-)

  6. Looks brilliant Jan - I love anything with lemon in it!

  7. Ohh ummm...yummy! A friend of mine in Nova Scotia, who was Greek, used to make what she called a Greek Cake and it was gorgeous. It was soaked in some kind of syrup and had a milky topping. I loved it, but never did get the recipe! I wish I had!

  8. Congrats on your award,your cake looks spongy and delicious !

  9. That cake sounds and looks really good!


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